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Sweet & loving- life!
Barked: Thu Aug 15, '13 2:45pm PST 
Thank you Roman so much for sharing the info! Cinnamon is on BB Ground lamb & brown rice. I called my vet & he wasn't aware of any problems.

I also emailed BB but haven't heard from them yet.

Now here's this......

This was cross-posted & on Channel 2 just now

http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-recall/iams-eukanuba-dog- cat-food-recall/

Please keep me posted if you hear of anything else about BB & so will I, ok?


The Snuggler
Barked: Fri Aug 16, '13 12:37pm PST 
Guest: Yes, Roman has had bloodwork done since I put him on BB. Picture of perfect health! As for the garlic, it is a close cousin to the onion and both have thiosulfate, but garlic has a much lower thiosulfate content than onions. So garlic is safe in small amounts. 1 tsp of garlic to every 30lbs, BB has less than that.

I shall keep my eyes open for any recalls concerning BB.

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Barked: Fri Aug 16, '13 2:50pm PST 
What I was trying to say though is that safe amounts is determined as per the individual and through trial and error. There's no set dosage guide to go by for safety's sake. I understand some people use garlic and this is a calculated but acceptable risk for them. To each their own.

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