Supplementing Lower Quality Dog Food With Veggies/Meat

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Mostly use canned meat for dogs although canned fish like sardines, salmon and mackerel for humans is also good in small amounts. Canned food meant for humans usually has a huge amount of sodium added.

Some kinds of canned dog food reportedly don't smell horrible. Look at the ones rated high at the various dog food comparison sites and if they are also for supplemental feeding all the better.

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Iams costs just as much as the higher quality foods, in my experience. TSC has 4Health which is a decent food at a really good price. If I ever have to cut budget, I will likely give it a try.

To answer your original question, yes, supplementing with fresh meat/veggies will make a difference. First I would say put out a little money for Animal Essentials Calcium of the Sea. You add 1 tsp per pound of meat. What I do for a topper then is in a little crock pot (or you can do a pan on the stove) put a pound of meat and a half pound of veggies. Let it cook until the veggies are nice and soft and then get your potato masher and mash until it is mostly uniform. Then mix in you tsp of calcium, stir up, package in (a) container(s) freeze extra and refrigerate the portion you will use over the next few days. For my 50lb dog, she gets a good 2 TB of the meat mix on her food, and then for my little ones, 1/2 to 1 T depending on their sizes.

Hope this helps! You also can leave the meat raw if you want, but cook and mash the veggies or run them through a food processor till they're mush so the dog can utilize the nutrients.

I've been doing this for yeeeears. Everyone lives a long time and enjoys relatively good health. Also, I generally like middle of the road quality foods. I can't afford Orijen and the higher end foods either.
When I have extra money/want to pay for the convenience, I just buy a small box of The Honest Kitchen to use as a topper on the dogs' food. Again, 1/2-2T worth depending on the size of the dog over top their kibble with some water added.

Hope this helps smile
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