Red heelers on Wellness... but thinking about trying/switching to BB wilderness or something else

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Barked: Sat Aug 17, '13 6:59pm PST 
Update: Mae is on her 2nd week of TOTW. First week I mixed and she had no change in stool, so I weaned her off Wellness. She seems to have a little bit less shedding, but still sheds. I brush her often, and get the hair off the rugs every other day rather than every day now. I do notice when I'm outside and rubbing her back and patting at the base of her tail, the hair flying seems to be less as well, but its still there!

I'm going to also try the fish oil and ACV. But I wanted to do one thing at a time that way I noticed a difference in each or not.

Her energy level and everything else is the same as on wellness, but just the food switch helped some but not near as much as Daisy's shedding. She sheds like I think should be normal.

Hope this will help someone else who maybe searching for the heeler with issues.
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