My baby is on a hunger strike.

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Princess of the- World
Barked: Wed Jun 26, '13 11:25am PST 
I'm at my wits ends. My baby Tracy is a ten month old border colly/icelandic shepard mix and for the last six months we have been fostering her litter sister. That darling left for her furever home last Saturday and since then Tracy has been on a hunger strike.

She usually is on a raw diet (Nordic food) and has been doing really well on it, but no matter what, these last few days she will not eat, I've tried kibble (various brands), and of course her regular food, but she will hardly take a bite. She'll accept a few treats now and then, but even that seems to be a chore rather than a treat. She takes a bite or two of our food, but no more. I even brought her a beautiful cow rib today, but she just sniffed at it and left it alone.

I have an appointment for Monday at the vets, but I'm really worried. How long can a 22 pound dog last with only water (thankfully she's drinking)?

Thanks in advance.
A very worried mom.

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I'm triple- superior MAD- now!
Barked: Wed Jun 26, '13 3:09pm PST 
She is likely both grieving for her lost sister and lost some dinner time eating cues since she doesn't have her sister to help her out.

Max didn't stop eating but he took to his bed when Artie left after Sassy died. He hadn't ever been the only dog in the house. I was very concerned and he got a complete workup, blood/urine and all and he was fine physically. I took him to agility class thinking seeing his dog buddies and human friends would cheer him up but it did more than that, he actually wanted to participate in class. Between that and going to the dog park for some socializing he recovered.

Try getting together with a dog friend, taking good long and relaxing walks, doing some relaxed training.

Princess of the- World
Barked: Thu Jun 27, '13 12:05pm PST 
Thank you for your kind words. We are hanging in there, and preparing to take Tracy to a training class soon. I'll feel better after the vet appointment though, since she's still not eating frown