Still confused on how best to feed my dogs

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Barked: Thu Jun 20, '13 5:52am PST 
I posted previously about my dog with digestive problems after an infection. I now feed a grestly reduced postion of TOTW Grain Free Bison and Venison (which has relatively little venison btw) with a glob of pumpkin and teaspooon of Perfect Form, a supplement that contains slippery elm and works great. I wish I could find an affordable food where he wouldn't need the Perfect Form or even Pumpkin. He did moderately well on Nutro Venison for Sensitive Digestion but it wasn't grain free and did better on the TOTW. There is a grain free Nutro Venison and Natural Balance Venison but they are EXPENSIVE and I have to feed my family right first. I just ordered a 5 lb bag of the Natural Balance to combine with TOTW to try to get him off of Perfect Form. He's a big guy. 70 lbs though he was 73 and should be around 67 so doing well in that regard). My other dog is a 40 pound black lab mix and I must say she has done GREAT on TOTW. Her dandruff probem has vanished and she SHINES! Suggestions?