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Barked: Wed Jun 5, '13 7:04pm PST 
I've been feeding Orijen and Acana to Maz for years now. She grew up on IAMS puppy, and then, when I learned a little something about dog food, I switched her to Blue Buffalo and then multiple foods afterward because she started getting terrible ear infections. You name it (if it's a decent brand) we've tried it! The only thing that didn't give her ear infections was the Acana/Orijen foods so I would randomly rotate the 'flavors' for her to get a little variety.

Anyway, one day several years ago (about 6 months after starting the Orijen/Acana rotation) I decided to compare ALL the various brands we'd tried and failed with to the Orijen AND the IAMS that she'd been on as a pup (and never had a single problem, regardless of the low quality) and the only ingredient every single food shared that both Orijen and IAMS did not contain was canola oil. From then on paid close attention and Mazzy hasn't even gotten treats with canola since (I mean the ones I buy; she will occasionally get a random treat from someone that is whatever).

Ironically, after I came to this conclusion about the canola thing, I was putting a new bag of Orijen 6-fish into the dog food container and for the first time I noticed, right on the front of the package, it specifically stated "contains no canola oil". I thought to myself "well, huh. Imagine that. smile Guess they think it's a pretty bad ingredient if they're willing to pay the little bit extra in packing cost just to print/advertise that right on the front of the bag".

Fast forward six years to about a month ago - Mazzy starts shaking her head all the time and low and behold, she's got yeasty ears. frown After all this time. Double-boo. So just out of curiosity I check the ingredients on the bag of 6-fish I have on hand. Canola!! ChampionPetFoods had changed their formula (as they actually do relatively often without any indication - another thumbs down for that!!) to add canola oil.

I decided to email CPF and ask about the canola ("will it only be in the 6-fish?") and also just mention how unhappy I am as a long time customer with their changing of their formula without so much as a 'new formula' notice on their bags when they do it. the reply I got was not a good one. They went on and on about how canola contains Omega's that are easily digestible and 'oh canola is awesome!' blah blah blah. Part of me wanted to respond and mention that if it was so great, why did they previously advertise the opposite right on their bags(!!) but I didn't. They also said ALL of their 'flavors' were going to have canola added. frown

Anyway, so just a rant I guess. Now Orijen and Acana have officially switched over and you can't find any more bags without canola. A crappy ingredient that I"m really sad that CPF decided to go with. I realize it's a Canadian product and they are a Canadian company but man, can't they stick with a good olive or flaxseed oil instead?? frown

So as of today I bought my first bag of FROMM. Not happy about that. I"m sure it's a decent food, but I liked the CPF foods a lot and I'm really sad that I had to give them up because they decided one low quality ingredient wasn't that big of a deal. frown
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Barked: Fri Jun 7, '13 7:31am PST 
I have yet to see canola oil in any ingredients on any of their bags, tbh. I checked both online, and just checked my onw bag of Acana and don't see canola oil listed anywhere. thinking

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Barked: Fri Jun 7, '13 7:43am PST 
I checked my bags of Orijen, too, and checked online and see no canola oil either. shrug But for the record I wouldn't be so unhappy about Fromm. Its an excellent food also!


Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 2:03pm PST 
Bizarre. Every bag here now has switched over to the new formula with canola. I wonder if yours are still the older bags/formulas? If so I'd scarf those bad boys up! lol

And yeah, the FROMM has been fine. It's just ... I dunno... the dog's 'waste' is pretty light colored now and never all that solid, and although she seems to like the FROMM all right, it's easy to tell that she doesn't like it anywhere near as much as she enjoyed the Orijen and Acana foods.

Thanks for letting me know you aren't seeing the change yet. I wonder if that means there's still hope of the pet stores around here getting some of the old formula in again mixed with the new? That would be ->party

Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 2:23pm PST 
UPDATE: So, I just went and checked out the website too and the only two 'flavors' I can find that state canola are the fish formulas. I wonder if, when they told me "be aware that we are adding canola to all of our foods" they really meant 'all of our FISH foods' since it was the 6-fish bag I had that I mentioned the surprise formula change on?

Regardless, I will be going back to CPF then, and Maz just won't get the fish formulas anymore. Still a drag because the fish is her favorite, but I guess when I want to give her a treat I'll just throw a can of sardines (in water! lol) on top of her food. smile

Thanks for mentioning the website guys. I DID look at the foods in the store but maybe since I was buying fish that time I only looked at the Orijen and Acana fish formulas and didn't even realize I'd limited myself to those?? Who knows. Just happy I will still have options and can keep feeding Maz her Orijen/Acana rotation - slightly modified. smile

Barked: Wed Jun 19, '13 9:53am PST 
You might also check out Horizon Legacy dog food. It is a great food and doesn't contain any canola. Horizon is a small Canadian company that uses locally sourced ingredients, but their foods may be harder to find since they are not a big company. They have been around for quite awhile though, so they are not a new company either. We use their foods (Legacy and Amicus) and are very happy with them.