grain free/potato free food?

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Does anyone know of any foods that are high quality, grain free, potato free, gluten free, poultry free and not rediculously expensive? I thought I had Sparkles finally figured out and she does do fairly well on wellness core ocean but I've just learned that she's very susceptible to yeast infections. I tried switching her back to TOTW salmon to teeth to save some money since we're moving but she only ate it for about 3 days. She stated itching like crazy and tearing a lot. She developed yeasty tear stains and yeast around her neck where water gets taped in her cone (she had surgery 2 weeks ago for a hernia). I could probably remove the cone now because her stitches are pretty well healed but I keep it on to keep her from scratching her face. I supplement 1 tsp of coconut oil in her breakfast and 1 tsp in her dinner and have been treating her outbreaks by keeping them dry and massaging in Lotramin lotion. I realize I may have no choice but to go completely raw with her just to protect her but if anyone has experience with this and knows a good food that will work with it, please let me know. Thanks

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My Saint Bella has yeast issues too and she has to eat grain free and potato free food. She has many other allergies/intolerances. We had success with Natures Variety for awhile but then not so much. We are working through adding foods to her diet to help. She is currently eating Great Life Salmon, but we are getting ready to try Earthborn Holestic. I recently made a list of foods I would consider or try,there could be more foods for Sparkles and everything on this list might not be for you either. I buy all my food on the Internet because it saves me about 10 a bag.

Here is a recent list:
Great Life (not all varieties) $65
Earthborn Holestic (not all varieties) $50
Nutrisca $62
Evo Salmon and Herring $69
Nutrisource(not Best but I am considering trying it with a dehydrated food) $49
Back to Basics $65
Grandma Lucys Pureformance(goat, lamb?,rabbit) $82
Nulo Pureformance $66
Natures Variety Instinct $65

We avoid white potato and sweet potatoes, Bella has some intolerances too but if her stools are normal after a week and no belching and limited gas we stay with it to see if she thrives in it. She was doing great on Great Life Salmon but because she has been eating it for awhile and their Buffalo formula isn't available right now are trying something else, Earthborn Holestic Buffalo protein, peas are alittle high up for me but she needs something different and she seems to be doing a little better with a lower protein then the Evo and Instinct. I want to try Grandma Lucys Pureformance but waiting till we get back from a trip because with raw and a dehyrated raw before she was sickly.

Have you considered raw for Sparkles, the Blue Ridge Is affordable, it is ground but better then nothing. Bella could not tolerate it so we do kibble with add ons, with her ever increasing calorie requirements we pay attention to cost of food, we need 2 bags a month(average 6.5 cups a day) and spend between 130-165 on dog food.

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Thank you! I'll look into some of those brands. We were alternating between the wellness core ocean and the nature's variety instinct salmon for a while but she did better on the wellness than the nature's variety. I have considered raw but I have no clue where to start with that. If I do it, I want to make it for her myself. We already buy organic grass fed beef by the cow. She loves raw meat and I give her some every now and then. Seems that raw poultry doesn't bother her allergies, just processed stuff. She always gets a piece of raw bacon when we make it and if I'm shaping up burgers, I give her some. The dogs always get the skins off the chicken when I'm separating it.


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Petcurean has a new potato and grain free food http://www.petcurean.com/for-dogs/go/sensitivity-and-shine-grain-fre e-potato-free-turkey It uses turkey as a protein source, if you wanted to limit sources.

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Check out this kibble called Zignatures. My friends little dog has bad allergies, and she swears by this food. Luckily my dogs dont have allergies, I feed Acana

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Poor Sophie, I hope you find a food that works. I've been down this same path with Max, but his is due to colitis. He has a number of food intolerance, such as chicken and salmon. And finding a grain free/potato free food that won't cost a fortune can be hard. I first had Max on Brother's Complete Turkey & Egg formula, and he did fantastic, but its awfully expensive. I've switched him to Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Meadow Feast, and he's doing great on it, and its much more affordable. I want to try the Great Life Pioneer naturals grain and potato free venison (about $55 for a 30lb bag) next, as I want to be able to rotate foods to give him a variety. Good luck on your search!
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Take a look at Horizon Legacy. It is grain free and potato free. It is made by a small Canadian company and it is a very good food. We use it in our rotation and like it a lot.

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My English bulldog have a lot of food allergies, we've tried all grain free, gluten free, raw diet but nothing seemed to help. Vet put him on Royal Canin Anallergenic food for a month to give his immune system a break. His skin cleared up in just few days. After this, I plan to put him on Addiction Foods. It 's holistic/ hypoallergenic food. It's also grain/ potato free. A phonecall to the company was very helpful, they have canine nutritionist that can assist you with your dogs needs. Hope this helps.

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I currently have Miss Yeasty Ears Cookie on Earthborn Holistic. She seems to be doing OK on it. Not only does she get yeasty ears, but she gets an incredibly flakey/sheddy coat, and so far on Earthborn she hasn't had an issue. I think she is on the Meadow Bison flavor, and it does not have potatoes or grains. You can get it for $48 for a 28 lb. bag on Amazon, plus they have free shipping. Yay for free shipping!