Will it hurt my dog to eat low quality foods once in awhile?

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Barked: Wed Jun 5, '13 6:44pm PST 
As far as Beneful 'hurting' your dog, like others have said, I'd agree - no. I mean, regardless of the fact that it's a low-grade food, hundreds of thousands of dogs live long, happy, lives on Beneful and every other second rate food on the market. But it would bother me for the fact that swapping food back and forth, back and forth, can upset the dog's digestive system. For that reason alone I wouldn't want my dog getting food other than what I provide for her.

As for the propylene glycol, I smoke e-cigarettes so basically I smoke propylene glycol. ~shrug~ It's in almost every food we eat as a preservative, it's in many drugs, and candy flavoring is made of it. If you've ever had a shot, you've been injected with propylene glycol. That article tries to equate ethylene glycol with propylene glycol - two different organic compounds. That one might be a little over hyped.
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