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Mr. Eyebrows
Barked: Tue Apr 23, '13 4:47am PST 
Hello, fellow Dogsters!

I am have some issues with my 9 month old scottie's food.

After the small sample of food from the breeder, I transitioned Willy onto Blue Buffalo Grain-Free puppy food, but he didn't like it and refused to eat. I then tried regular Blue Buffalo puppy and although he liked it, it caused big problems coming out the other end. We also tried Wellness, which gave us the same problem...I've read that they are sometimes too rich for sensitive stomaches.

Thinking that it was something else, I put him on a bland diet of hamburger (or chicken) and brown rice for about 3 weeks and then decided to try Natural Choice sensitive stomach, but again he won't eat it.

In a haste, I bough Purina Little Bits at Walgreens and he started eating again and his stomach is doing alright.

I am a quite sick of throwing money away on small bags of food that he won't eat. I have a whole closet full! I would like to put him on a sensitive stomach food or something lighter that will still be good for him. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, does anyone know of any places around Boston that might be looking for dog food donations? I have about 6 bags of new food taking up space in my closet.

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Scooter,- PAWS

Power of the Paw- for those who- need it
Barked: Tue Apr 23, '13 5:50am PST 
Hi Willy...just a thought...I believe if you shop at petsmart, you are able to return the dog food within 30 days. It can't be almost gone, but if you try it for a week or so and your dog doesn't like it, you can return it there.

Can i ask why you want to put him on a sensitive stomach food? Is he having problems digesting the other food?

It can be a problem changing the food too much too. You can try adding little things to make his food more enticing...I have used fat free chicken broth, a little can food.

Blue has "simple" solutions which is limited ingredients and so does Wellness. Natural Balance. Even Nutro, but most folks won't recommend Nutro since their recalls a few years ago. I don't blame them. I do know there have been some improvements. I'm just throwing it out there an as option. Dog food advisor gave it 3 out of 5 stars
Allee Oop!!!

I love my Mommy
Barked: Tue Apr 23, '13 9:49pm PST 
I don't know for sure what to tell you to try based on taste bc all dogs are different and some are more picky than others. My scottie rotates between foods like Natural Balance LID diets, Taste of the Wild, Merrick grain free..and so on. She does well on those.

My bulldog has a very sensitive tummy and so far the only food that has worked for him has been NB. I plan to try Nutrisca next time bc it is a limited ingredient food that actually does not contain potatoes!


Mr. Eyebrows
Barked: Wed Apr 24, '13 4:19am PST 
Thanks guys - I appreciate the feedback and the suggestions! I didn't know that I could return my food at Petsmart. I will have to try it seeing I just bought food there.

Also, I put Willy on the Sensitive Stomach because he seemed to have issues on everything else and it was a vet recommendation that we try it.

Seeing I know that it works, maybe I will try the chicken broth to give it some flavor and try to make it more appetizing for him.

Thanks again!
Scooter,- PAWS

Power of the Paw- for those who- need it
Barked: Wed Apr 24, '13 4:36am PST 
Oh ok...so the vet recommended it...ok. So Petsmart will exchange the food without a receipt OR if you have a receipt and bring it back within 30 days with a receipt with at least half the bag or more, they refund you. We had to do that a couple of times trying to find the right food for one of our beagles.

Hopefully you find the right one. Also, are you transitioning slowly to the new foods? Slowly going from one food and within a week/week and a half starting him fully on the new food? Just a thought
(Indie) CH- Herdabout- Tri N 4 I

Barked: Wed Apr 24, '13 9:06am PST 
I feel your pain!

Indie has had some belly issues and I've tried anything from Nutro Natural Choice to GO to Fromms...nothing worked...after spending $1500 on him being in hospital for 2 days due to a gastro upset I had him on the not so nice Medical Vet Gastro Low Fat dry food for 3 weeks to recover...I just transitioned him to Natures Variety Limited Ingredeitn and he has been awesome!
Stools are solid and not liquidy...which is a pain for long haired breeds LOL
Laverne- Marie

Therapy Dog- Superstar!!
Barked: Sat Apr 27, '13 8:26am PST 
I second Allee Oops post.....I feel Natural Balance is a good food for sensiive stomachs. Especially their LID foods. Petco carries it. Some of the flavors also come in small breed size kibble. I like Merrick, and fed it for about 3 months, however I did have some issues with a small bag of Pork I bought earlier this year. It had some weird shaped kibble pieces in it. So I have stopped with Merrick, for now. I may use them some time in the future but Idk, yet. My crew is eating as their kibble Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish Small Breed. I do top with canned food of various flavors and brands, but they will eat the dry alone. Petco also has a food called Pinnacle that is good for sensitive stomachs. At Petsmart I would recommend Wellness Simple Solutions, Blue Basics grain free and Petsmart's house brand called Simply Nourish (it comes in a limited ingredient formula and also some new grain free formulas).