Anal Gland Issues Pt.2 - Fiber Options and Change in Food Questions

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Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 8:13am PST 
Our pup Peppers has finally, after 3 months, cleared her anal gland infection. The glands were somewhat filled on Monday when we went in, so the vet said we could try metamucil to supplment her fiber. We've tried pumpkin, and that doesn't seem to help, and she does get carrots for treats. Do we just sprinkle the metamucil on her dry food?
About 3 weeks ago, we changed her from Pro Plan to Wellness Core fish variety to try a better food. Both of these options are fish - so I wonder if trying a new protein variety from Wellness might help her? Or if it just takes time (more than 3wks?) for the new food to adjust? The vet said she wouldn't change the food, just try the metamucil. She's still nibbling at her butt a few times a day - so I wonder if this has just become a habit, or if her seasonal allergies are acting up, or if it's the food?

I'm really hoping to keep any more issues/infections at bay - so I will try the metamucil and any other suggestions anyone has! We wish we had punch cards for our vet because we are there so often!!shrug

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Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 5:08pm PST 
The raw food diet is suppose to help with anal gland problems because of the bones. There us a raw food forum on this website if u r interested.

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Mix Metamucil with water as directed on the label. I would not want to find out what happens in the gut if you fed dry fiber that absorbs water!

I happened to notice after about 6 months that I wasn't having to attend to Sassy's sacs any more so it can take a while for things to get into gear. She would bite and lick the area and scoot if she was uncomfortable.

Biting the rear? Fleas, anal sacs. Food is more biting the front legs and ear goo. Environmental, the belly. In my limited experience anyway.

Raw wasn't an option for Sassy but low fiber home cooked chicken and rice cleared up her problem even though she had mostly been on chicken and rice kibbles for her entire life with us. Max has never had any problem with his sacs whether on kibble, cooked or raw food. I suspect the simpler the food the better and wonder if fresh is better as well. Never did try any of the limited ingredient kibbles though.


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Dr Peter Dobias has a great article here http://peterdobias.com/?s=anal glands&x=0&y=0 I am not sure if this link will work, but if you google Dr Dobias, and then enter anal glands in his search box, the article will come up.
He speaks to bones primarily..
Because food issues and anal gland issues often run concurrently, if the fish is not working I might be inclined to try a Duck or Venison Diet, or some other "obscure" protein source.

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