Bestbullysticks alternative?

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Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 1:48pm PST 
My typical order with bestbullysticks.com has gone up almost 25% over the past year and the quality of their products seem to be declining. On top of that, their service also seems to have eteriorated. For exsample, I placed a 3 item order on Sunday night and they just told me it won't ship until Thursday or Friday. I've ordered alot from them ove the past 4 years bu I think I've has enough.

Can anyone suggest an aletranative site to order bullysticks and treats and chews?

Your suggestions are appreciated.

Jake & Sweet- Caroline

Tricolored- Hounds for life!
Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 11:16pm PST 
you can use wag.com, petflow.com, petco.com, petsmart.com

pretty much any online petstore will sell bullysticks.

I just ordered my first batch of "Fresh" bullysticks i'm going to dehydrate on my own. I get 20lbs of fresh pizzle for $5. Dehydrated it should make between 3-4lbs of bullysticks. So it pays off for me to do it that way. But if you don't have a dehydrator then i suggest any of hte websites above. Wag.com has good incentives and petflow.com tends to be really cheap.!

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Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 5:46am PST 
While we have had a few issue with BestBully's, we're still overall really happy. Have you checked out Barkworthies? I got some in a Bark Box and they're great, too.

Iris vom- Zauberberg

Service Werewolf
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 7:41am PST 
I've also been weighing pros and cons about continuing to do business with BestBullySticks.com, so I'm glad to see this thread. The quality seems to be diminishing and the customer service has gone from responsive to not good at all, in my experience.

I ain't afraid- o' nothin!
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 4:03pm PST 
Hello all,

We just saw this post and wanted to respond as quickly as possible. First, we do hope that you will all agree that we have the best quality product on or off the net at fair value pricing. Second, we think the idea of dehydrating at home is one that we would support if that is a project people would like to do. As for our pricing, we try to keep it as low as we possibly can, however, our prices do raise with beef prices which have continued to rise over the years. We do commit to keeping prices as low as we can, while still maintaining a high quality. Our products are also now being eaten frequently by people which also drives the cost up. Lastly, please be conscious of where you buy your bully sticks and what country they are from. We understand and appreciate that you have choices but we never have and never will sell bully sticks from China or India; this is not the case with every other vendor mentioned in the above post. In fact, some don't even list their country of origin, which is something that we don't agree with. We respect all of your opinions and hope that if you have customer service issues you will contact our customer service manager directly at 877.483.5853 or via email at Cindy.Bestbullysticks@gmail.com. We assure you that we will handle all issues quickly and professionally and respond to your concern promptly. We hope to continue to earn your business and continue to provide the highest quality chews and treats anywhere! Thanks, BBS
Scooter,- PAWS

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Barked: Fri Mar 29, '13 10:19am PST 
I just wanted to add that i'm a repeat BBS customer (order monthly). I order tendons, curly sticks, lamb ears, and bully rings. I haven't noticed the quality change with those. I have noticed the price increase, but I also notice that when I'm in stores, in very reputable stores, the cost of their bully stick products are much more expensive. A LOT more expensive. I agree about where you buy your bully sticks. I have tried red barn and two of my dogs won't even try it. All three love BBS.

I have noticed when you place an order, it can sometimes can take a couple of days before the order ships. That didn't used to be the case. I used to see it confirmed and ship either same day or the following day. That may be because they are really busy?

Anyway, just wanted to say I'm happy with the products I receive. way to go and my dogs are happy.

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Barked: Fri Mar 29, '13 7:35pm PST 
ValuePetSupplies-$82 for 100 6inch sticks, quick delivery toohappy dance

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Barked: Fri Mar 29, '13 8:37pm PST 
I haven't been ordering from BBS for long (less than two years), so I can't comment on a change in quality/service, but I haven't found anywhere else that has bully sticks the size and price they do. The other bully sticks I've seen are always thin and wimpy looking for three times the price. And I do really like knowing country of origin.

Sounds like BBS doesn't ship as readily as they used to, but unless I'm ordering from Amazon, I don't expect anything I order online to arrive in less than 1-2 weeks, so I never gave it a second thought.
The Boys

The Three- Stooges.
Barked: Fri Mar 29, '13 8:42pm PST 
Jake Sweet Caroline. Just where do you buy fresh pizzles. shrug And does your mom wear gloves when she handles them?silenced

You say 20 pounds equals 3-4 pounds how long and how thick are they? Might be worth getting a dehydrator for that and making chicken jerky for my pups.
Ava, NTD

Miss Ava Roo
Barked: Fri Mar 29, '13 9:15pm PST 
I'm glad to see this post too, because I've been thinking the same thing. BBS still has decent prices for bullysticks (especially compared to my local places), but I feel like their quality has gone way down. I can buy the same bullysticks I've been buying for years, but my last order was pathetic! The bullies were only about half as thick as the ones from my previous order had been. Granted, I don't buy the super-thick ones or anything, but still, there was a big difference. And it wasn't just a few of the sticks - all of them were that way. I'm glad that I'm not the only one disappointed.
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