Update on what we've been eating

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Semper Vorax
Barked: Mon Mar 25, '13 3:20pm PST 
As you may know, We never usually eat the same thing from month to month unless we like a certain type. My dogs are fortunate in that they do not have trouble like some dogs do, so we have the luxury of trying new things all the time.

We had a fiasco with evo a couple of months ago. I had been feeding sojos complete for a couple of months, but the other half won't touch it or help me with it so he demanded the dogs go back on dry food.

Long story short: fish breath. Not only fish breath but poopies that stank so bad that we had to wait for the stench to dissapate before picking up the poo. Foxxy had loose stool at first, and thank goodness they're pad trained. They left perfect poo circles on the pads of pure liquid. We don't usually have this reaction with food.

Neddless to say, we picked another brand next time.
The next food out was Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost. This is a new line with freeze dried chunks in it. There wasn't enough of the freeze dried chunks in there for me to think this is anything more than a gimmick and a slight boost to protein content. My dogs have rejected instinct before, but this time, they seemed to like it a lot. Poops are nice and solid

While we got instinct, We got a couple of samples of petCurean. I was surprised to see the tiny dog formula (not grain free) is shaped like tiny x, a shape that I associate with cat food. My dogs seemed to like the tiny bites better than the grain free bites.

Last month, because the paycheck was a bit short, we tried the Ultramix Weight Management. Petsmart had it on sale. I usually don't go for a grain inclusive food. It was good. My dogs liked the little bits of freeze dried veggies that they put in Ultramix.

This is not an organic line, but they really enjoyed last month's food. I have to say, as far as availability, USA based ingredients, Organic line, and price, I have been really impressed with C&P.
We tried Organix grain free from C&P a few months ago and liked it very much, except for one thing: organic soy. I try to avoid soy in the food. I think it makes the poo stinkier.

This month though, we got Ultramix indulgent recipe duck and sweet potato, which is grain free and soy free, still USA sourced, but not organic. This formula comes in at 38% protein which puts it right up there with EVO except it comes in 6 lb bags, not the 4lb bags that people usually put the grain free lines in. I prefer the 6 lb bags becasue it lasts exactly 1 month rather than coming up short at three weeks.

Anyway, It's the same price as Organix, and only $6 more than the grain inclusive type. I was surprised at how dark the kibble is. So far the poops have been nice and normal. Not constipated, not loose.