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Herpaderp-apotam- us
Barked: Mon Mar 25, '13 7:58am PST 
I was recently at a pet expo and picked up a Gnawler for Noah. I'd never heard of them before but the guy claimed they were long lasting, good for teeth, blah blah blah so I decided to pick one up. Thus far it has indeed lasted a long time but I'm always iffy about these types of rawhide granule based chews. Just wanted to get some other opinions on these types of chews or if anyone has had experience with Gnawlers in particular. Here's the website if you're unfamiliar with the product, like I was: http://www.gnawlers.info/About_Gnawlers.html

Barked: Mon Mar 25, '13 9:03am PST 
I've only heard of them through Dogster because sometimes people post on here about them, but I've never tried them before.

Here's a couple old threads about them:
An yone heard of Gnawlers?

Gn awlers!

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