RECALL on Evo, Healthwise, Innova, Californa Natural!!!

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Sassy Britches!
Barked: Mon Mar 18, '13 8:38pm PST 

http://www.naturapet.com/voluntar y_recall/Natura%20Salmonella%20Release.pdf

http://library.constan tcontact.com/download/get/file/1104039006914-756/Customer+letter-Nat ura_final+%283%29.pdf

Two words for your pups, kitties and ferrets affected ~ACTIVATED CHARCOAL~
It will absorb the toxins, keeping them from being absorbed into the bloodstream.

How do they get away with saying this is their first recall in 21 years? LIES! Proctor and Gamble bought the company 3 years ago. They’ve had plenty of recalls.
Jake & Sweet- Caroline

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Barked: Mon Mar 18, '13 9:07pm PST 
That's a startling discovery. I was feeding Jake Innova before we returned to raw not too long ago.

We might have just dodged this one. relieved

hope others see this and see what they're feeding there pets.
Mitchell- Rapp "Black- Ops"

Barked: Mon Mar 18, '13 9:25pm PST 
I am not surprised by the recall just a matter of time since the company sold to P&G a few years back. Too bad though, Natura used to have a great rep.

Sandy Baby- ♥

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Barked: Mon Mar 18, '13 9:28pm PST 
Scary. We just finished a bag of Innova. I'm not sure if my mom saved the label so we could have the number. I usually do that with every bag of pet food we finish, but she forgets to sometimes and I think she was the last one to feed the dogs from it.

I'm so close to switching back to homemade and putting all the dogs on it.

Yeah. After it was bought out by P&G, I really should have seen it coming.

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Barked: Tue Mar 19, '13 10:03am PST 
guys. salmonella is something that all pet food factories fight to keep out of their equipment on a constant basis. that's true whether proctor and gamble own you or you operate by yourselves. natura themselves have a great reputation and have not had a recall in the last however many years. true, iams and other pet foods that proctor and gamble owns have had recalls, but it's not simply because proctor and gamble own them. as far as i know, only one bag tested positive for salmonella and that was an evo cat bag. as a precaution, they are voluntarily recalling anything that was produced around the same time as that bag. there have been no reported cases of pets getting sick. i'm not saying that no one is at fault, but recalls happen. don't write off a great company just because of who owns them or because they are being responsible and proactively handling a problem that just happens sometimes. i feed my dog natura food, my cats eat natura, my boyfiend's dog eats natura, and although a recall sucks, i would still recommend them.
Sandy Baby- ♥

I may look- little, but I'm- ALL dog!
Barked: Tue Mar 19, '13 12:56pm PST 
I know and understand that it could happen to any pet food brand. And it's good that they are voluntarily recalling as a precaution. It still doesn't change the fact that it's scary. Especially knowing we just finished bags of the dog food AND the cat food. Nor does it change the fact that I'd rather just cook for my dogs if it were an option again.
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Barked: Tue Mar 19, '13 5:17pm PST 
The salmonella risk it to the humans handling the food guys....

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Barked: Tue Mar 19, '13 9:31pm PST