I and Love and You- Anyone have a review?

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Jake & Sweet- Caroline

Tricolored- Hounds for life!
Barked: Mon Mar 11, '13 7:47pm PST 
So the vet recommended getting a soft food for Sweet Caroline until her mouth heals up. So i went to the store and bought the softest thing i could find that wasn't in a can and wasnt a roll. ( I really don't like processed dog food) and i came up with this brand "I and Love and You". It's a dehydrated raw dog food with grains and fruit and veggies.

I'm a raw feeder naturally and usually keep Instinct in the house for emergencies. I wanted to know if anyone else fed this food and how they liked it. I'm considering switching to this brand as it's dehydrated raw and the price tag wasn't so steep.


I dig in mud- puddles!
Barked: Mon Mar 11, '13 11:20pm PST 
I had never heard of this food...I just looked it up and the dehydrated version is a little too light on the meat for my liking...

I like the canned food better, and like the freeze-dried raw (but I know that both of those options, particularly the freeze-dried, tend to be budget breakers).
Jake & Sweet- Caroline

Tricolored- Hounds for life!
Barked: Tue Mar 12, '13 12:01am PST 
Good report Rexy.

That helps. I just find this brand to be a bit cheaper then instinct Raw and i think it may have a better shelf life. Could be wrong about that. + it is light unlike kibble. I already have one of hte larger bags in the dog now dogs emergency bag along with all my freeze dried food big grin and the water. But i guess i can keep the instinct around too. Though i'm not sure how i'm going to carry around a huge 23lb bag in teh event of an emergency big grin At least this brands food is light big grin

For now Caroline will eat hthis until her mouth heals up since this stuff is soft and all she has to do is lick it. Which for her is easy enough to do. Once her mout heals she'll hopefully transition well to raw or at least homecooked food. I dont't really trust petfood at all since that stuff back with the contaminated pet food. (lost two great family pets to that).

Anyway. Thank you fo rresponding since i was unable to ind any information about the dehydrated food. I found a lot ofr the dry food but that's different.


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Barked: Tue Mar 12, '13 4:55am PST 
The only Dogster I am aware of that has mentioned the brand before is Milton. I would guess you can hope he replies with his results using it or try p-mailing him. Other than that I know nothing of the brand and have no experience with it,I just know it was mentioned in one of Milton's F&N posts and he had tried it.wishes Caroline by the way is beautiful!!! I personally don't have the energy hounds require to stay healthy but do have a soft spot for them all the same.flowers

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Barked: Sun Mar 24, '13 5:34pm PST 
I have been feeding this food to my dog. I have been feeding the dry kibble. He is eating the Nude Food Simply Sea Recipe. He is doing fantastic on it. The 5 pound bag I bought is almost gone. I fed my 14 pound dog less than a cup a day.

They make a lot of different products. It is a new company. I buy it at Vitamin Cottage.