Any ideas for great puppy treats?

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Skipper- a.k.a Skip

Terror terrier
Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 10:31am PST 
Skipper is nine weeks old today and I've already started charging a clicker with him but he quickly loses interest in the puppy coaches I've been giving him :o/

I was just wondering if anyone had some great recipes or ideas for really great puppy treats that he will love?

He's a very good eater and loves food but I think most puppy treats that you can buy are too similar to kibble.

Thanks guys puppy
Skipper- a.k.a Skip

Terror terrier
Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 1:34pm PST 
Bump puppy

Stupid football things!

i wiggle my- entire body
Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 4:09pm PST 
Zukes is a good treat. Its what i use and they love them


Miss- Pig!
Barked: Wed Mar 6, '13 7:07am PST 
Fish4Dogs Super Stars treats are suitable for puppies and have a nice fishy smell to them that might hold Skipper's interest longer than the coachies.

Or you could make your own treats, of course.

Barked: Wed Mar 6, '13 9:35am PST 
We used Zuke's Mini Naturals for puppy training treats. When we didn't have any of the Zuke's, we used plain Cheerios. They loved them!
Angel Lou

Everybody wants- to be a...DOG!- not a CAT
Barked: Wed Mar 6, '13 11:25am PST 
I use Tillman treats with my current dog, and will be trying them on my puppy!

Herpaderp-apotam- us
Barked: Wed Mar 6, '13 1:06pm PST 
I like the Wellness Puppy treats. They're nice and soft and great for puppies.
Skipper- a.k.a Skip

Terror terrier
Barked: Thu Mar 7, '13 1:29am PST 
Thanks guys,

I'm going shopping today so I'll look for everything you've suggested puppy

The breeder also sent me a great recipe that apparently puppies love, so I'm going to try that too.

Thanks again!

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Thu Mar 7, '13 4:56am PST 
Our Mika was a picky little thing,we literally tried $100's woth of treats and she disliked all of the ones that were hard like kibble,we just resorted to using small slices of chicken franks or pieces of leftover roasted meat cut into tiny pieces for training her because they were the only treats she would actually eat.wishes Skipper by the way is a cutie pie!!!!!cloud 9

Pocket Wolf
Barked: Thu Mar 7, '13 1:09pm PST 
fresh carrots, fennel stalks and apple slices. for the clicker, just cut baby carrots into little medallions. I find that veggies are much cheaper than dog biscuits unless you're going for milkbones. Most dogs love little baby carrots especially. They're crunchy, nutritious, cheap, and they're really good for teething. I you could get a regular sized carrot, peel it, blanche it and freeze it, then give it to your pup as a teether.

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