Anyone else sick of the food reps?

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Woo-woo- whineybutt
Barked: Mon Feb 18, '13 11:51pm PST 
Just tell them you don't have the money, but if they want to buy you a bag so you could try it out they are more than welcome.
No one has fallen for it yet. laugh out loud
Rocky *CGC*- With the- angels.

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Barked: Tue Feb 19, '13 1:32pm PST 
Wow! I'm so glad that in The UK, there seems to be no such thing as food reps puppy

Our biggest commercial pet store is Pets At Home and their staff are all trained to help you pick from the hoards of food they sell but I have never came across a food rep...

I'm very curious now though, I think I'd like to meet one puppy
Sandy Baby- ♥

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Barked: Tue Feb 19, '13 1:45pm PST 
The food rep for Blue Buffalo at my PetSmart is actually very nice and not pushy at all. She only corners you if you're lingering in the natural dog or cat food aisle where the Blue Buffalo is. So, she pretty much waits to see if you look confused as to what to buy. And when she recommends Blue Buffalo, she'll be honest and point out a few other brands that might work, too. Was even honest about how the Wilderness line could make a dog overweight if you fed too much. Funny how, every time I speak to her, even when she points out a new line of Wellness or something... I leave with at least one can of Blue Buffalo. laugh out loud

I don't like the pushy reps. I like nice reps. The kind who will stand in the pet store with you and talk about why they feed the food, why they recommend it, why it might be good for your dog, and why any higher end brand (even the ones they don't represent) will be better than grocery story brands. I haven't seen that BB rep in a long time. I kind of miss her. I sent a nice word about her to the Blue Buffalo FB page. Wasn't sure where else I could send one.

I don't like seeing reps online, though. It feels impersonal. I especially don't like when they say "don't feed (this food) at all. (our food) will be far superior and will work best for any dog". Which is simply not true. Not all dogs to good on one food. There is no "perfect" pet food.

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Barked: Wed Feb 20, '13 8:51pm PST 
Telling them I don't feed anything with chicken, beef, corn, wheat, soy or garlic usually shuts them up because so few products fit my criteria.

I've been harassed by Blue Buffalo reps before when I was at the pet store for adoption events. I was clearly busy and wearing a name tag and handling a dog with a big Adopt Me bandana but it made very little difference to them.

I've also been hassled by store employees (small stores) to buy raw food.

Whatever they're selling, if they hassle me, I won't buy from them.
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