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Barked: Fri Feb 15, '13 7:20pm PST 
Gypsy turned 6 last month, she's quite healthy, and I really want to keep her that way. I'm terrified that she's going to get cancer. I don't know why, I just have this feeling that's it's going to happen. The only two dogs my family has ever lost have both died from cancer, so it sort of feels inevitable that Gypsy is going to get it. I'm thinking about looking into supplements for her immune system and would like to find out if there is a homeopathic supplement for immune health. Does anyone here know of/use anything like this? And do you think that 6 years old is too early to start supplements?
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I have used immune supplements but not in a healthy dog. I used Transfer factor for my cat who has immune issues, and Colostrum when they were kittens.
This is some info on the Transfer Factor I used: http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/tf/s/pets.htm

I also used some supplements for my previous dogs when they were seniors, like MUSH, CoQ10, VetriScience Cell Advance and Antiox, Genesis Resources CAS Options, plus joint supplements etc... Not all at the same time necessarily.
Mush and CAS are both mushroom supplements, the others are mostly antioxidants. I got most of those from Only Natural Pet website, and I checked with my vet about using them.
I also used other different supplements when Bianca got cancer, most of the ones I used for her I got from the holistic vet we went to, or some she told me where to get them locally.