A food question or maybe two

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I've been a long time reader of dogster; actually a lot of the more senior topics/health related topics helped with some of the issues my 14 yr old cocker spaniel/poodle/shnauzer mix had, she's passed on in December before xmas. We are now looking into adopting a sweet little spaniel/poodle mix from a local rescue, and are waiting for 6 more wks to pass (he's 3 wks now); waiting is so hard frown

I've begun researching foods and O-M-G! there are so many options and concerns! The pup is going to be weaned onto Act1um (sp?) it's found at walmart and is ok but only has chicken meal as the only source of protein, so a change will be in order when we get him.

I think I've conclusively decided on Acana for food and Zuke's for treats, but what puppy formula I Acana should I feed? is a cavalier poodle mix a small breed puppy or do I feed the puppy and junior formula? My 14 yr old girl was at max 25 lbs grown, and the vet says the new little guy will be around 20 lbs possible (looking at the size of the mom, and growth patterns but then who knows).

Also if anyone has any other suggestions for food and treats, please feel free to toss it into the ring.

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The Zuke's Mini Naturals make great training treats!

I would think either the regular puppy food or a small breed puppy food should be fine. My yorkie and my maltese were both fed an all life stages food from the time we got them. At that time we were feeding Nature's Variety Prairie Chicken Meal and Brown Rice formula. They are only 9 lbs and 7 lbs fully grown though.

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20 lbs is definitely a small breed. I would choose a puppy food for small breeds, or a regular puppy food. You wouldn't need to feed the puppy/junior foods since those are generally meant for large/giant breeds that have a very long growth phase.

It sounds like you've chosen Acana, but if you're looking for other thoughts, I really like Royal Canin, I know so many dogs that live long healthy lives on it with very few health problems. They have a diet called Mini Puppy for small breeds.


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Acana is a great food. One we probably would have tried if it was available locally. We use nature's variety instinct which is also very, very good. I second what everyone else said. Either regular puppy formula or small breed puppy. Definitely not junior.

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Thanks for your thoughts! I think I'm nesting smile. I've chosen Acana because it's really easy to get (the plant is only 4 hours away from me, but I'll check out Acana too!

I called Acana and they suggested the small breed too.