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Barked: Thu Jul 11, '13 1:49pm PST 
If it's weight gain you are worried about, pea protein has a lower level of carbohydrate content than sweet potatoes and is more easily digestable. Gram for gram, pea protein has a similar amount of branch-chain amino acids and iron content as beef protein. It's easy to digest, there is no cellulose within specific pea protein (not to be confused with dried peas). Great if your dog has allergies to many foods. Pea is also considerably less costly than beef, so on a micro and macro nutrient basis if you're on a budget, go with peas.

I'm a huge fan of pea protein over potatoes and gladly supplement the kibble with meat.

What is the rage with high protein content in dog foods? If you eat raw prey in the wild, it's not 48% protein by volume. The "trend" is higher protein, really dogs need a protein that's not quite so high and a higher fat content according to the structure of their digestive system.

Peas don't have much in the way of fat, so I like how this food uses natural fat sources instead of those derived from canola.

Some people might be skeptical, but it shouldn't be overlooked either. Especially when you're on a strict budget.

Cutie Pie
Barked: Thu Jul 11, '13 8:29pm PST 
Yes, peas are lower in carbs than sweet potatoes. way to go
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