Something Meaty or Fishy for Kong Toy?

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Barked: Sat Jan 19, '13 10:21am PST 
I Have a treat ball for Callie that I fill with goodies then freeze peanut butter over the opening...a deer could come in and lay next to him and he wouldn't notice, that's how passionate he is about his treat ball...just about anything to do with food actually.
Sophie is really picky though. She doesn't eat peanut butter so I tried freezing a treat ball with yellow cheese, nope she doesn't like it.
She likes meat and fish, anything I could make the consistancy for a treat ball??? I just had a thought- Maybe baby food-pasty meat texture...Any other ideas?

Barked: Sat Jan 19, '13 10:29am PST 
Canned sardines? The ones packed in water usually have less sodium.

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You could try canned dog food or canned tripe. Rexy loves canned salmon in her kong. I pack it full, then freeze.


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Maybe kongs are just not her cup of tea?
Ember FDX

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You can puree anything with a little water and use it as filler. I used to plug the end with a mini Zuke's treat and fill Kongs with raw organ mix. When I first put Ember on raw, it was the only way she'd eat organs. Lately I just use whatever treats I can get on sale that are the same size as the opening for treats.

A lot of dogs don't like treat toys because they don't know what to do with them. They see a treat toy as a sort of food trap - the treat is just in there and stuck forever, so they don't bother trying. Make it really, really easy at first. Like, start with tiny pieces of meat that will fall out as soon as she noses the Kong. As she figures out that she can get the food by interacting with the toy, you can make it progressively tougher to get out.

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I wonder if Spam would work? Hubby gets it anyway...bleeech...but she might like it, who knows...I'm going to give everyone's ideas a try. I fill it with bitty treats, even cat treats sometimes. Basically I just need something to block the top of it and freeze. Then it's licklicklick and the goodies fall out. I tried the ones that need to be manipulated for the treats to come out and let's just say my dawgs aren't the brightest crayons in the boxlaugh out loud

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Ground meat?

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I use canned Wellness Core Grain Free Ocean Formula but all the above suggestions are good...Anytype of smelly fish will work. Maybe if you give it to her without freezing first so she doesn't have to work at it so hard will work then go onto freezing. My dogs love anything froaen it it and takes around a 1/2 to finish them but I do know some dogs don't like working at it. My dogs have to work for everything they get such as sit before eating, a couple sit stays before getting a treat sit to put leash on so they are used to working and doesn't bother them...Good Luck and keep us posted.