Any particular cooked foods specifically for Min Pins?

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I am wanting to start cooking for my Min Pins, and I didnt know if there were certain foods they should/shouldnt have for this breed. Or what would a sample menu be like for this breed for a day?

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Unless there is some particular illness the breed has more commonly than other breeds feed a min pin same as any other dog.

See the home cooking forum down a couple on the main forum page for great threads on how to feed dogs fresh food. See Sedona's thread on how to precisely make a food in particular.
http://www.dogster.com/forums/Home_Prepared_Food_Recipe s/thread/640881
You don't have to use a perfect food with all the i's dotted and t's crossed right away, get it approximately right and every time you cook up a batch of food tweak it so it is even better.

For a whole book's worth of information on feeding fresh food to dogs go to dogaware.com.