need a bit of advice please

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JessAnneMari- eLouise

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Barked: Sat Jan 12, '13 4:28pm PST 
Hi everyone...hope you will forgive me for cross posting. I also put this in raw forum. But thought there might be other folks here that dont go to raw forum who could guide me.

My Sweet Jessie is a 10 year old shepherd/retriever mix. She has had chronic, wretched, horrible food allergies that result in ear infections and make her pretty miserable. When I switched her to raw about two years ago, I saw a dramatic improvement in her ears, but didnt clear it up entirely. My vet suggested keeping her only on rabbit/hare. This has also helped a bit more. But the problem is that rabbit is such a lean meat that I am struggling to keep weight on her. Since I have started her on only rabbit, she has dropped about 4 kg off her usual 28 kg weight. Anyone have any suggestions for something I could add to her diet that she might tolerate but if fairly 'fatty'? I thought about making her some satin balls, but would want to leave out the grains. Does anyone know a recipe for satin balls that does not include grain? Meat, cream cheese, peanut butter...something like that? What about duck fat? Any thoughts from all of you with great experience? Oh she currently eats a little over a kilo a day and is always hungry and ready for another meal. I also add in tripe to her diet every few days, an occasional mackeral or other fish and some organ meat. But the bulk of her diet is rabbit/hare