Kelp, Supplements and Heating ?

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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 10:48pm PST 
Hi all!

I was picking up our months worth of Fish Oil andd.. the feed store got in a new product: Kelp !
Somewhere I heard good stuff about it, I don't remember what though.
Anyone here use kelp ?

I had been crushing up Nare's hip supplements and baking them into dog treats-- easier than trying to hide them in ground beef or hot dogs!
However I know that heat usually uhm..
Makes the nutrients less absorbable ? Or makes them less potent?
I slow cook treats (beef patty-things with one days worth each) at 250 degrees for almost an hour
Does this ruin the supplements ? Or is it ok ?

Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 6:06am PST 
Try to contact the company that makes the supplements and ask them if cooking has any effects. They might be able to help you.