Confession time. What's the worst snack/food thing you'll still give your dog?

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Sassy Britches!
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 4:08pm PST 
Well here are the random snacks he will eat, but I doubt any are really THE WORST! Choose your poison! Pancakes, string cheese, a bit of plain mcD's cheeseburger, honey turkey, tuna, merrick dry cat kibble, pepperoni or meats from a pizza, a bit of a lorna doone cookie, turkey bacon snoopy
Crash- Dynamite

Live up to your- Name!
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 4:34pm PST 
Tiller- (Skansen's- Ira in the M

I DO Exist...To- Drive You Batty
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 4:39pm PST 
Poison, I suppose, per newer guidelines. laugh out loud I was in dogs a long time before all the no no's came out. Chocolate and onions, in small doses, sure. Nothing is off limits. Tiller loves lasagna. No problem. Both my Giants have loved hot stuff...chili too searing goes to the Giants. There's nothing I won't give if they want it. Except to Daniel, who likes paper.

Kashmir- ♥ CGC

Boxer Beach Bum
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 6:52pm PST 
Kashmir also loves french fries preferably mcdonalds and their chicken nuggets shh

I want to play!
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 7:48pm PST 
Saya loves buckwheat pancakes and bacon that's her super awesome treat.. No syrup on pancakes of course. I use them as recall treat.

I sometimes save a tiny bit of cooked meat to use as recall treat.

Never buy non healthy dog treats.. I rather make them or save a bit of bacon and buckwheat pancakes as special recall treat.

When the night- closes in I will- be there
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 7:59pm PST 
Tiller, I grew up with dogs that got the kitchen bucketlaugh out loudmeat drippings and scraps, egg shells, peelings, etc. You know, compostelaugh out loud
Olive, pizza bones are not bad. Sabi knows the pizza guys car. Panago has a note on my address that says ' Call from the car, dogs are pizza crazy' No joke!
Ava & Nix

Suburban Farm- Dogs
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 8:44pm PST 
lol. Love hearing what other people let their dogs snack on. It makes me not feel so bad.

Ava likes hot stuff too! When she was younger and still chewing on stuff that she wasn't supposed to, I read that tabasco sauce is supposed to be a good deterrent.... NOT for Ava! She licked, and licked, and licked it up. She really likes hot stuff. We joke that she gets it from "Dad" (my fiance) as I personally can't stand spicy. laugh out loud
Madison- Ainsley

I- ammmmm....Hoooow- ie Girl!
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 8:53pm PST 
Wellll...my dogs being Goldens will eat anything and I mean anything so that being said I have to admit that they LOVE their evening treat before we go outside for their before bed potty break which is canned whipped cream, Madison loves to have it put right on her nose, she waits to lick it off. I have even squirted it right into their mouths, haha! It is pretty funny to watch. I do make sure that I buy whipped cream that is just cream, no hydrogenated junk.
Today that had some of my morning protein drink, they loved it, it is mostly yogurt and berries so that is not bad.
They also get yummy ice cream cones from our local ice cream shop, love watching them take turns licking the cone. Very patient until someone bites into the cone, than it is game on.

Cave canis- vigilo omnis
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 9:14pm PST 
The worst? Probably the milk at the bottom of my cereal bowl. laugh out loud
Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

My Little Dog, a- heartbeat at my- feet.<3
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 9:44pm PST 
Lolll... I share my fast food(a small piece of a cheese burger, timbits, french fries, pizza/crusts), I get them Beggin' Strips on the rare occasion, and MilkBones too. I even share my potato chips with my dogs - they love them. Sometimes pasta, depending on what's in it. Leftovers. You name it. If it doesn't cause my dog to have seizures, it's safe for him to have in small doses imo.

The other day(and this beats you all but WAS NOT something I willingly gave), Charlie got hold of a cupcake! An entire cupcake, topped high to the nines with red icing, and ate the wrapper too! My brother left a cupcake within nose reach when he went outside for a smoke and my little noser got ahold of it and ate the whole thing! I caught him as he was finishing the crumbs! He had the poops the next day, but was otherwise fine. Never would I willingly give him one though!

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