TOTW or Nature's Veriety Instinct?

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Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 4:46am PST 
Right now al the pups are on TOTW but I've been looking at Nature's Veriety Instinct also. Which one do you think is better and why (besides the whole diamond thing). I want all the furkids on the same food (once Sparkles is off puppy formula). Dreamy is 8, slightly overweight and taking glucosamine for her hips. Rocky will be 9 next month and is lean, healthy and active. Sparkles will be 1 next week and will be on puppy food for at least another 6 months. She's healthy and active but needs to stay grain free and has allergies to chicken. Thanks pups.

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Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 11:50am PST 
I honestly like TOTW. I mean i'm semi torn because of the recalls, but a lot of good foods have had recalls, and any food for that matter can. I like TOTW because Zane has a chicken allergy and I can buy the Sierra Mountain "flavor" and not have to worry about it having any poultry. I feed all 4 of my cats TOTW and all 3 dogs, and everyone does extremely well on it. I do soak my min pin's food only because the kibble is pretty hard and big for him to chew. I think for the price, TOTW is a great food. I pay $26 for a 15lb bag of cat food and $42 for a 30lb bag of dog food. I go through a bag of cat food once a month and a bag of the dog food twice a month...but again I feed a 200lb dog on top of my 2 little dogs.

TOTW does make a puppy food as well.

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Instinct over totw. TOTW has unnamed fish meals "ocean fish meal" is not specific. So avoid the wetlands and pacific stream varieties. Instinct uses tapioca starch rather than TOTW's potatoes. Instinct also has lots more control over how you feed your dog. It comes in kibble, cans, raw medallions, chubs, and freeze dried suppliment. It also has an LID line, if you need that sort of thing. It has also the only rabbit based kibble out there

I like instinct, It's a sustainable agriculture business, it's an independent manufacture as opposed to being a subsidiary of a larger feed company like diamond, and it is made in Lincoln NE.

But unfortunately, but my dogs like TOTW better than instinct kibble. They don't seem to like the flavor of instinct for some reason, even though they go nuts for the raw medallions. TOTW also has a puppy formula, whereas instinct doesn't. TOTW is a bit less expensive. Instinct kibble is only one of about 3 product lines that my dogs have ever refused to eat, and the only one in the premium dog food category.

Actually, I would more likely compare instinct with Merrick or Evo than with TOTW. TOTW is not an ultra premium food.

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So.......evo,innova etc are now owned by procter and gamble...nuff said.....would love to use instinct..but citric acid and a lot of fruit.......