Is it OK to feed primarily Honest Kitchen and occasionally Kibble?

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Barked: Wed Dec 26, '12 1:00pm PST 
I've been feeding our miniature schnauzer home cooked for about 6 months with good success.
But,in November, circumstances requiring frequent travel made me switch her to Honest Kitchen Preference(the kind that requires adding a raw , or; in my case, home cooked protein) .

Spiffy seams to be doing great on the H K. Energy level very good, coat and eyes shine and I'm quite happy with it.

We realize I could by the H K with an added protein in it, but like to vary the meats/poultry/fish every few days and don't , at this point, want to buy that many boxes of it.

I try to be sure there are enough containers in the freezer of her cooked proteins on hand for my husband who is her current feeder. Let's just say, he is not one to do much in the kitchen, And, this has been working out "fairly" well.

I would like to get a bag of Wellness Core Kibble to keep on hand for him to use in case he forgets to defrost the protein packs.

Is there any harm in feeding the Honest Kitchen Preference and occasionally feeding a meal of the kibble? Little seems to bother her stomach.

I know it is not good to feed kibble while feeding raw due to stomach not digesting both the same way which can cause problems.


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It shouldn't be a problem at all.

I raised Ridley on THK, mostly Thrive but I've done Preference and I've always added my own fresh (raw) meat regardless of which one I was feeding.

I also frequently have a bag of kibble around for those times I get lazy or forget to thaw, and none of mine have ever had an issue with it.

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Thanks. Substituting kibble occasionally certainly appears not to have harmed the very handsome Ridley .

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Barked: Thu Dec 27, '12 5:58am PST 
Honestly, my dogs are now eating kibble in the AM and raw in the PM with only one hiccup. Harder bones that they normally would've been able to tolerate they are now regurgitating. So I do think that it has changed the PH of their stomach a little bit. That being said, stools are fine and everything else is going good. I wouldn't worry about the occasional kibble meal with HK.