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I'm huntin'- wabbits
Barked: Sat Dec 15, '12 4:20pm PST 
Maybe something like Fromm classics, its under $40 for 33 lb bag, fromm gold is few dollars more.

Turd Burglar
Barked: Sat Dec 15, '12 8:00pm PST 
I would personally go for grain-free Acana. It's not as expensive as Orijen but contains mostly the same high quality ingredients

Farlekiin the- Dragonborn
Barked: Sun Dec 16, '12 7:18am PST 
I don't know about buying huge bags of food for such a small dog. Dog foods start to degrade once the bag is opened and the food is exposed to oxygen, and most bags are only good for about 6 weeks after opening, even when moved into a sealed container. Any longer than that and you'd be looking at some stale food with some degraded vitamins and minerals. At least that's what I was always told.


I'm such a- little trooper!
Barked: Sun Dec 16, '12 9:09am PST 
I got a small five pound bag of food for him and he seems to like it. It's the pure balance stuff. He doesn't seem to eat a lot, but it's so exciting just having him home finally.
Ellie CGC

Born to be Wild
Barked: Sun Dec 16, '12 11:41am PST 
I don't buy the largest bags of dog food any more either...I've observed that after about 10 pounds is consumed it doesn't smell quite as good to me, it isn't like it's bad it just isn't as fresh, and I use an airtight container. And I have two dogs, both of whom larger than yours...so consider the medium size bags. If you buy a premium food, most stores allow for some sort of refund or exchange if both you and your dog aren't satisfied with it, but check with your store.

For your budget and the size of your dog I think you also have many options.
As others have said, read the ingredient labels, and give yourself a week or two to assess results, watching the dogs' stool...it should be firm and not frequent (otherwise the dog's not digesting/absorbing the food optimally), and of course the skin/coat. I use two specific online sites to compare foods (although these do NOT address price)
http: //www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/nutro-max-dog-food-dry/

I think that the Natural Choice Small Breed line's got some good choices for you, both grain free and with brown rice/oatmeal. I got to taste test the small breed adult Chicken/BrownRice/Oatmeal(yeah, yeah, I'm not small...hee hee)and thought it was yummy! You can check out the ingredients and coupon availability here:


Play With Me!
Barked: Mon Dec 17, '12 2:05pm PST 
Dogswell makes very good food and that is what Alanna use to eat before her digestive problems started in. I now have her on Hill’s I/D.

Barked: Fri Dec 21, '12 10:30am PST 
Pro plan is not a good food. Their rice formula does not even have rice in it, it has rice brand. If you are on a budget, the Nutro Max is about the same price as pro plan, and it does not hafe all the by-products and corn in it. It is also an all natural food. I know when I was out of work, I used this and my dogs were fine on it.

Barked: Wed Dec 26, '12 1:09pm PST 
We switched from Pro Plan to 4 Health, which is a Tractor Supply brand. We've seen a huge improvement in my dog's coat and a reduction in her ear infections.

We made our decision by looking at the ratings on this site: http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/

Brave of Heart
Barked: Sun Jan 6, '13 7:49am PST 
I currently am switching my mini schnauzer puppy off of Pro Plan because that's what the breeder had him on. His skin is itchy so i wonder if he's allergic to it. I'm trying Nutro Natural Choice and will eventually switch him to something like Nature's Variety or Blue Buffalo. The other posters are right though, a lot of "big name" dog food companies use filler or by products to fill out their food, rather than wholesome ingredients. If you think about it, dogs are like humans, they are what they eat too. And really doesn't cost that much more to buy a better food for your dog.
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