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I work at a veterinary clinic and we see patients on a daily basis with itchy skin! Here is some helpful information...
Allergies work in a 'staircase'. Your pet can have an allergy to more than one thing and not have any symptoms... for instance the "threshold" of clinical disease... Your pet may be allergic to: Household dust, ragweed pollen, pine pollen, oak pollen, bahia grass and fleas..BUT when you add a food allergy to the mix thats when symptoms may arise. (corn, soybean, wheat) are all ingredients in ALOT of dog food that cause allergies... NOW...Change you dogs diet to a grain free diet and your now BACK UNDER the threshold and the symptoms (itching, redness etc) have now gone away.

Common allergens causing allergic reaction in pets:
Foods- soybean, corn, wheat, lamb, rice, egg, milk, chicken.
Parasites and Bacteria- Fleas, bacteria, mites, fungus, molds.
Pollens- Oak tree, pine tree, weeds, flowers.
Insects- Mosquitoes, flies, bees and wasps, gnats, roacjes.

The veterinarian I work is very holistic and suggests ONLY a grain free diet. ABSOLUTELY NO dog treats, biscuits or chews except for soup bones and deer antlers. ONLY fruits and veggies for snacks

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Thank you for the information. Although Peggy doesn't have allergies (that I know of), this would really be helpful if someone here would be seeking out such solutions. way to go