Alternative to Hills W/D??

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hi this is for scruffy mom my vet sold me wd and also fortifloa from purina it in small packs like probiotic its sold at the vets but when my dogs and cats have the runs two differt vet put them on it it frim my dogs up after a few months on it. not to good on my cat yet. you should do what i do call the hills and purina company get numbers off cans and box and they offter will send you coupons to use there products. i have alot of animals and i have to use the vet food everday on my cats and it cost 75.00 every two weeks and its hard on my disabity check small one but the way i fill theses are my babys and i would do what ever i could to save there lifes. i have even done with out food or hoildays gifts just so my babys are alive and well thats more inpotant to me then gifts. well i pray your baby is still alive and well ill be praying for him or her i had a cat name that too. well good lock and check with other vets to to see what they may have. well god be with you and your scruffy in getting better and god bless your family and always remember john 3 16 in the bible and that god loves you. p.s do what i do and pray for gods help my dogs are now 11 years old and when they had the poop problems was when they were babys
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