is Food Coloring Safe for Dogs?

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I am Fearless
Barked: Tue Sep 4, '12 4:53pm PST 
Okay Mozart's Birthday is coming up very soon September 14 and I have been getting everything together and I got a bag of Fido's yogurt frosting it comes in white. I really want to dye the icing blue and orange as I am going to write Happy 1st Birthday Mozart and I might put some paw prints and music notes on the cake. I was wondering if I can dye the frosting is food coloring safe for dogs? I use Wilton gel food coloring in the icing that I make, is it safe to use the same kind as humans use? I have been looking online for the ingredients in the Wilton gel coloring but can not find it, I am going to email and ask the company. I am not sure what they put in it but I want to be safe that they do not use anything harmful for dog's systems. I want to make sure they do not use something like Xylitol which is deadly to dogs.

Also does anyone know of an natural ways to dye icing?

Farlekiin the- Dragonborn
Barked: Tue Sep 4, '12 8:33pm PST 
Blending up any sort of fruit or veggie would be a good way to get some natural color in the icing, I think. For example, if you want blue icing, throw in a couple pureed blueberries.. red icing? Try some pureed strawberries. Orange? Try using carrot.

Food dye that is safe for humans would probably be okay for dogs, especially since it's just a one-time thing.
If you want to go that route, I'd look for a natural kind, something vegetable-derived if you can find it.

Of course if you decide to leave color out altogether, I'm sure Mozart won't notice, especially when he's busy scarfing down whatever you make him wink

I want to play!
Barked: Wed Sep 5, '12 8:05pm PST 
Good idea Farley! Blue berries blended mixed with yogurt would work well. same for carrots then it's be extra yummy stuff on the cake.. Saya loves blueberries.

I might try this for Bella's cake in November.

Not sure on food coloring guess since it's one time thing maybe? I dunno.

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I am Fearless
Barked: Thu Sep 6, '12 12:57pm PST 
Well Wilton emailed me back about the ingredients in the two gel icing colors, I want to use. I am not sure if any of these ingredients are harmful to dogs?
it is only going to be one day that he and his sister have it. I tried to google the different things but did not get alot of info on it, if it is safe for dogs. I want to be extra safe so if you guys see any ingredients that dogs are not suppose to have please let me know. Kind of clueless here

Orange Icing Color

Stock# 610-205

Water, Corn Syrup, Glycerin, High Fructose Syrup, Sugar, FD&C Yellow #6, Sorbitol, Food Starch-Modified (corn), Carrageenan, Agar Gum, Sodium Benzoate (preservative), Salt, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate (preservative).

Sky Blue Icing Color

Stock# 610-700

Corn Syrup, Sugar, Glycerin, Water, FD&C Blue #1, Food Starch-Modified (corn), Agar Gum, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate (preservatives), Sodium Citrate.


Farlekiin the- Dragonborn
Barked: Thu Sep 6, '12 7:09pm PST 
Meh, nothing realy harmful, but just gross corn syrup and dye. I'd use the fruit or veg to get the color, personally.