Walmart Launches Pure Balance Dog Food

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Barked: Sat Sep 1, '12 11:23am PST 
Thought I'd share this.

http://www.veterinarypracticenews.com/vet-breaking-news/201 2/08/14/walmart-launches-store-brand-premium-dog-food.aspx

Dog Food Advisor rating and ingredient list:
http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/pure-balance-d og-food/

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Smurph Man
Barked: Sun Sep 2, '12 8:17am PST 
Wow, I expected that to look much worse. Interestingthinking

Lab/Rottie/Chow/- Shepherd Mix!
Barked: Sun Sep 2, '12 10:13am PST 
Still grain inclusive and plant-based protein source. No thanks.


Can I get a- belly rub?
Barked: Sun Sep 2, '12 10:56am PST 
It's not stellar, but better than anything else I've seen at wal-mart, I'd much rather see people reach for this food than beneful or kibbles and bits.

Barked: Mon Sep 3, '12 11:00am PST 
It appears to be a massive improvement over Ol' Roy! laugh out loud

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Barked: Tue Sep 4, '12 10:42am PST 
Not something I would feed. It's better than some foods, but there are lots of better foods out there. I would not condemn someone for feeding it though. As was mentioned before, it's a lot better than Ol' Roy, and better than Pedigree, Purina, etc.
Addie CL1- CL2 CL3 CL4- OAJ

if it moves,- I'll chase it!
Barked: Wed Sep 5, '12 9:42am PST 
Agreed, I wouldnt feed it but its nice to know walmart isat least offering something slightly better. You know theres people out there who just reach for the cheapest thing, so hopefully if this is on the same price range as ol roy,some dogs will at least get fed a little better..

When the night- closes in I will- be there
Barked: Wed Sep 5, '12 10:17am PST 
I am not sure but the other dog foods that Walmart 'makes' are made by P&G I believe.

Im just a little- guy
Barked: Wed Sep 5, '12 12:29pm PST 
I bought a bag. This food is not much different from Nutri Source. I am under employed and I am struggling with saving money. I don't know when I will have full time work. This food was almost half the price and similar to what I was feeding. My dog does good on grain inclusive foods and I am not having issues from brewers yeast.

At my Walmart they did not sell this food in big bags. That sucks for the people who have more food to feed.

How You Doin'?
Barked: Wed Sep 5, '12 3:35pm PST 
On the Walmart website it's listed as Pure Balance by Ol' Roy.
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