Putting it out there- Nutro Limited Ingredient Grain Free is another option for sensitive tummies

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Ellie CGC

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Barked: Sun Aug 19, '12 7:23am PST 
Taggert, very sorry to think you regard Nutro as "shady." I know quality and safety are foremost in our minds. AFIA has a new inspection program for food safety:

Nutro was the first pet food manufacturer to get it's production plants certified.

http://petshops.about.com/b/2012/07/26/nutro-first-pet-food-comp any-to-be-certified-under-afia-program.htm

And yes, Nutro is a subsidiary of Mars corporation, has been for about four years, I believe. Sorry but I don't recognize the reference to "Simmons Pet?" Never heard of that in any association with the company.
I think the fact that the Nutro plants were the first ones certified by the new AFIA program shows that they aren't "shady" about their processes or production now. And I don't understand the reference to "Simmons Pet?" Sorry but I don't recognize that as any organization affiliated with Nutro.

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Barked: Wed Aug 22, '12 8:32pm PST 
Glad you found something that works for reflux. You may also try Acana Duck and Bartlet Pear. It is made by champion foods and great for tummy issues. We also have not had great results with Nutro and stopped buying it. They are notorious for grain splitting which means feeding lots of grain. I also notice that we would have to feed 30% more of Nutro than what I feed my 2 Samoyeds.

Semper Vorax
Barked: Thu Aug 23, '12 12:46am PST 
Simmons pet foods is the company that bought out Menu foods and all of their plants. The same people that make all of the no-name brand and grocery chain foods, and fun stuff like twin pet beef flavored. Nutro was part of that recall back in '07 as one of the companies that produced through menu at the time. Things haven't improved much in the switch from menu to simmons.

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Barked: Thu Aug 23, '12 7:41am PST 
so just to help ya stay on topic Jasper, how are you doing? Is it still working for you? A friend of mine tried Wellness Simple recipies for sensitive stomachs and so far so good for them too.

Good luck Jasper! way to go

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Barked: Sat Aug 25, '12 1:27am PST 
I haven't had luck with Nutro products. Even with the latest round of bad news my dogs never took to the food. I search for local independent pet food companies that source ingredients from their backyard. I live in Salinas, California and we have a small company called Sunshine Farms Pet Food. They make a solid grain-free Adult Formula that my dogs really like. First ingredient duck meal. Awesome food if you can find it.

Barked: Fri Sep 7, '12 5:28pm PST 
Taggert, Nutro has been making their own canned for a few years now, after the recall they stopped using menu foods and started to make their canned foods. I know because the nutro cans are made not far from where I live. I toured the factory 4 years ago and it had been open awhile before then. Menu food used to make many different foods, and menu foods was never owned by Nutro.
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