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Barked: Sun Aug 12, '12 5:01pm PST 
Rain is a 5 month old Lab/Golden. And is hungry ALL the time. She eats 1 1/2 cups in the morning and 1 cup at night and obviously treats in between. Her hunger is getting out of hand, to the point where we can't even work on 'leave it' and her counter surfing is getting out of hand. I can't even keep her attention in the yard anymore because she is always licking/eating something in the grass. Last week she even ate a bee, she tries to eat EVERYTHING on our walks (why I'm trying to work on a default leave it) and don't want her to eat something dangerous.

She is currently eating Orijen and we finally got to a point where she isn't straining to poop and isn't soft everytime she goes (it still kind of is, so I'm thinking of switching to Acana) so that's why I'm hesitant to add any toppers....so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks big grin

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Barked: Sun Aug 12, '12 5:24pm PST 
How is her weight? keep in mind that she's a growing up so her appetite will be particularly voracious at this time. But I also think you should try Acana since I had a similar issue with my dog. Since Orijen is so high protein, I had to feed him only a cup in order for him not to get fat which is very little for a 60 lb dog.
Then I switched to Acana and ge gets just under 2 cups and doesen't graze or counter surf anymore. Acana has a bit more "filler" so to speak in a form of potatoes and greens, but feeding larger volume seems to help keep hunger at bay. It's still a great food, so I wouldn't hesitate to feed it.

Barked: Mon Aug 13, '12 2:42am PST 
is he fat or not??shrugshrug

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Barked: Mon Aug 13, '12 5:11am PST 
I was going to ask how Rain's weight. I am a serious eater too...I'm HUNGRY no matter what and have been since mom brought me home at 10 weeks. I could probably eat until I burst and I'm not kidding there.

You have to just know Rain may always be a dog who LOVES food and it's up to you to just maintain that weight. I wouldn't add toppers because it doesn't sound like it's needed. Rain sounds just like me laugh out loud

The important thing is not to overfeed. I once ATE a HUGE burrito (stole it) and you should have seen how bloated I was...scarry bloated...and what did I do 5 minutes later? Stood in front of mom begging for more shrug

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Barked: Mon Aug 13, '12 7:50am PST 
Here are some body shots I took last night:


Some people on a Lab forum said she's WAY to thin, but others said she's perfect. I like her on the leaner side, joint wise, especially since she's so active
Hucky and- Ringo

Barked: Mon Aug 13, '12 8:42am PST 
Doesn't look fat to me. Have you had the pup checked for worms?

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Barked: Mon Aug 13, '12 9:10am PST 
I'd bet the people on the Lab board who said your Lab mix was "too thin" said that because they are used to seeing full-bred labs (who are often "thicker") AND, often times, overweight. (Overweight labs are "normal/healthy" to some people!)

Your dog looks healthy. If you can't see/feel bones, I'd assume all is OK.

My mom describes Labs as the "goldfish of the dog world" - and she's right. Olive (my Lab mix) would eat until she died, if given the chance.

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Barked: Mon Aug 13, '12 9:26am PST 
She doesn't look too thin to me but she is a puppy and needs to eat to grow.
You can try giving her a bit more and if she seems to be putting on too much weight then cut her back a bit. My Kai ate far more as a growing puppy than he does now,back then he could devour 3 cups plus a day and snacks as well,he was putting on around 12 pounds a month and the vet said he was lean and healthy. Now he is about 110+ pounds and eats maybe 3 cups of food a day,he has always been a self feeder but I know how much I put in the bowls and I am the only one who feeds the pups.

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Barked: Tue Aug 14, '12 8:02am PST 
The problem is, when I give her even a 1/2 cup more she gets gas and has really soft poop, thats why I'm wondering if I should switch to Acana and see how that goes?
Grunt CGC

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Barked: Tue Aug 14, '12 10:11am PST 
What a beautiful dog Rain is! way to go I agree, she's not fat, she's growing (like a weed!) How about giving her an extra 1/2 cup or so as a 3rd meal. She's burning alot of energy and and being food motivated is to your advantage. She has no patience (she is a pup after all). But will learn it if you have plenty of it! laugh out loud Take deep breaths and breathe! If her stools are alright on the food she's on I would just add a 3rd meal. There were times (still) when Grunt wonuldn't eat (Growing times/hot weather) and other times when he is a flat out piggie! laugh out loud
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