Deer Antler Question

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My dog is- spoiled, as he- should be!
Barked: Mon Aug 6, '12 10:22am PST 
I buy my dogs Deer Antlers at Red Bandana Natural Foods, they love them and it keeps them busy. I have bought a few for my boss' Rat Terrier as well. He really goes through them.
Recently, she went and bought him one at Petsmart and he would not have anything to do with it, still won't. So she asked me to get him another one from Red Bandana. I gave it to her this morning and she took it home and off he was and happy again and the Petsmart one is still untouched. We keep wondering if perhaps the one from Petsmart may not be Deer, or if it is processed, we can't figure out what could be the difference that is causing her dog to reject one antler and not the other.
Any ideas???

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Barked: Mon Aug 6, '12 11:11am PST 
It could be a difference in how they're processed. I've seen the ones in Petco, and the packaging looks exactly the same as the ones I buy online, except the price is so much higher in the store!

Maybe if the antler package was hanging in the store and another dog was sniffing it, maybe that strange dog left some doggy scent on there that the dog doesn't like...kept the pup from enjoying the antler as much as the shipped ones...shrug

My dog is- spoiled, as he- should be!
Barked: Mon Aug 6, '12 11:29am PST 
that is about the only other thing that sounds plausible so far other than processing right now. The ones from Red Bandana are not shipped, there is a store right by my house but their buckets are high up.
We just decided that I'll bring in one of my dog's antlers in and have her pup try it. If he doesn't take it, then it's got to be what you mentioned. If not, then no clue again.

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Barked: Tue Sep 10, '13 3:43am PST 
Last year I bought deer antlers for my dogs and they haven't touched them. Is there a way that I can refresh them?

Barked: Mon Sep 16, '13 8:14pm PST 
PetSmart Antlers are naturally shed. Are you buying the same shape antlers from each. Some antlers having more of the marrow showing whereas others are more intact antlers.

To get them interested back in the antler boil it in a stock (life beef or chicken).puppy

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Barked: Tue Sep 17, '13 11:07am PST 
I've been buying Kitsune antlers for a couple of years now and have noticed that even when I keep buying them from the same supplier, he'll sometimes go crazy for them and other times want nothing to do with them.

The funny thing is that sometimes he'll ignore an antler for months, and then all of a sudden he'll start chewing on it like crazy.

So far, my theory is that it has something to do with the age of the antler. I'm not sure if maybe they get softer or taste better when they are aged a bit?

I only buy naturally shed antlers. There's really no processing involved at all other than cutting them. Kitsune does like the cuts that have more marrow the best.

It could be a different cut (less marrow, less desirable shape, etc), a different type of antler (deer, moose, and elk are all pretty commonly sold as dog chews), different quality (harder, softer), or age.

Even when you buy the same types of antlers, from the same supplier, there is always going to be at least some variation just because of the nature of the product. Unfortunately sometimes the variation is enough to make some chews less desirable to dogs.
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