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What doggy food do you recommend?

Discuss ways to improve the quality of your dog's life and longevity through proper nutrition; a place for all of your questions and answers about feeding your pooch!

Please keep discussions fun, friendly, and helpful at all times. Non-informative posts criticizing a particular brand or another poster’s choice of food are not allowed in this Forum. References to any brand of food as "junk," "garbage," or other harsh names will be removed.

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Use your nose!
Barked: Mon Aug 27, '12 4:55pm PST 
I feed raw to Daisy. Bambi is still on puppy food for now (Blue Buffalo), but he will be switched to raw once that food runs out. It can be tricky doing raw for dogs as small as mine, but in my opinion it is worth it for me and my dogs. Daisy is so much healthier since switching (and she was on good food before I switched). Her breath is better, her coat stays cleaner and is shinier, and she is not as food obsessed. Basically she is not as interested in eating all the time and doesn't search for food constantly.

However, not everyone is comfortable feeding raw meat, or it might just not fit your lifestyle. It only takes me about an hour once a month to prepare her meals, but that is a lot longer than going to the store and grabbing a bag of kibble, and kibble is definitely easier to store since it doesn't take up space in the freezer!

Barked: Tue Aug 28, '12 10:19am PST 
We are eating kibble mostly, but get some frozen raw in the evening with our dinner. We LOVE it! So far we have used Nature's Variety frozen medallions and Vital Essentials frozen mini patties. For kibble, we have been using Fromm (4-Star grain inclusive) and are currently trying out Horizon Pulsar grain free. Not necessarily saying that's what everyone should feed, but that's what we are feeding right now and so far we're happy with it.
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