Best Grain-Free Dog Foods - other than Blue Buffalo Wilderness

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Can I get a- belly rub?
Barked: Tue Jul 3, '12 8:29pm PST 
Orijen, acana, horizon legacy, nutrisca, natures variety instinct, back to basics just to name a few.
Abby - Forever- Loved

Forever loved- (January- 2001-August- 2012)
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '12 7:06am PST 
First Mate has a line of grain free dog foods. http://www.firstmate.com/dog_food.aspx

Abby really likes the Australian lamb product.
Angel Lou

Everybody wants- to be a...DOG!- not a CAT
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '12 7:31am PST 
As others have said, if you're willing to look past recalls. Taste of The Wild is a great dog food. Angel did great on it, as did my cats. I fed during the recall and all was fine. As of recently though I switched both my cats and Angel over to Natural Balance. I must say so far I love this food. It is pricey but well worth it. Angel eats less, she does not scratch as much anymore. Well, worth the try.

Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '12 1:28pm PST 
Active small dogs can do fine on Orijen. Jewel eats it all the time and she's under 10lbs.

Mini Hound
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '12 6:21pm PST 

i am feeding my cats Merrick before Grain and Charlie my dog gets Wellness Core reduced fat formula. I tried Blue Buffalo but he had issues with that brand, diarrhea and he also threw up.

Here is a good link, i studied that one and then made my decision, hope that helps.

http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/best-dog-foods/best-grain-free-dog -foods/best-grain-free-dog-foods-dry

Im a lean, mean,- cuddling machine
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '12 8:02pm PST 
I feed TOTW and fed it through the recalls( my state wasn't affected). My dogs do great on it and it's reasonably priced.

Barked: Thu Jul 5, '12 4:44pm PST 
we use the natural choice becasue it is a limited ingredient formula and I have ones with sensitive stomachs. It works fine for my guys.

Barked: Thu Jul 12, '12 3:11pm PST 
Horizon has two brands one is Legacy and the other one is Amicus (which is desigend for smaller dogs) Chico did well on Amicus but currently I'm feeding Orijen Regional Red which he loves but some people think it's too expensive

I pay $26 for a 5.5 LB bag, I don't care though since the ingredients are amazing. smile

Gordie McSordie
Barked: Thu Jul 12, '12 4:02pm PST 
I like the grain free lines for Acana, Annamaet and Earthborn. My dog has done well on all three of these.

Its A Husky- Thing,You- Wouldnt- Understand
Barked: Fri Jul 13, '12 2:35pm PST 
Ziwipeak, Grandma Lucys Pureformance line, The Honest Kitchen - in order.

Not a fan of kibble, but Evo (if you can look past P&G), Orijen, and Acana Pacifica are the only kibbles I would feed. (in order)
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