Toxic Dog Treats from China

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If you're worried about safety, I would check out Dog Gone (http://www.doggonejerky.com). All made and sourced here in the US, and their USDA inspected which means that it's human quality food, not the scraps and organs and crap that goes into most dog foods (even in the US, I can't imagine what goes into food from China). I've been ordering it for a while online because I can't find any stores around here that carry it, but I've never had any kinds of problems from them.

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No where at all does Doggone claim their meats are SOURCED in the USA, only that they are USDA "certified", which is a claim, as I understand it, most meats sourced from other countries, including China, also carry. Please correct me if I am wrong!
Unless a food product is advertised as SOURCED as well as MADE in the USA, I am staying away for either myself or my pets.
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Wed Jan 9, '13 2:16pm PST 
Actually, I just did some more research and ALL meats imported to the US from ANY foreign country for human consumption require USDA certification of the plant it originates from.
Therefore, I am even MORE skeptical about these treats being made from USA meats. If they WERE sourced from meat from the USA I am sure they would state that information as much as they do the Made in the USA!!
BTW, USDA certification only means the plant has been inspected and passed. It does not mean that ALL meats exported are tested individually or that inspections occur on a daily or even weekly basis.
Someone else mentioned this earlier, but if there can be so many issues with imported HUMAN BABY FOOD, supposedly inspected and certified, how can we trust meat???


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I had a healthy 1 1.5 yr old Pitt Bull,until this past Monday, he stopped eating,stated throwing up, stopped playing,stopped doing anything. On Wed morning I rushed him to my vet, blood work came back with abnormal kidney all of a sudden, he lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks, all becaause I gave him a treat that was tainted,and a manufacture REFUSED to RECALL the product. My dod is still NOT doing good and the vet bill was very high, Something has to be be done to get these treats off the market. I for one am VERY upset, that someone can hurt or kill someone else's animal, and nothing is being done about it.

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Feb 13th 2014
Im looking for a group of people that have found their dogs liver or kidneys affected by PETEDGE RANCH REWARDS-CHICKEN FLAVOR dogs chews that Petedge sources from CHINA. My two Chinese cresteds had liver counts highly elevated, but because I have their blood work done yearly I found out in time and they have been treated and are back to normal. I have a lab work and documents and a letter from my vet stating part of which states "both pets in the household have elevated liver enzymes specifically, ALT- that I suspect are due to ingestion of "Rawhide Chicken Dog Chews" from China."
PetEdge sells way to many consumable products that come from China. If your dog has been affected please contact me. I have an attorney that will go after them if we can form a group. You must have some documents, like blood work and Vet records.

For Petedge to continue to source and sell products that are known to have caused extreme disability, pain and death is unconscionable. PetEdge knows their edible chewable products are to be consumed by fur babies across the USA and even the globe.

If I had not gotten blood work done as I do yearly my fur children I would have been slowly poisoning to death my beloved fur children by a product PetEdge sources, produces and distributes, my babies would have suffered and eventually died a horrible and premature death.

In addition I would have spent thousands of dollars trying to save them only to loose them to massive organ failure because of Petedge Ranch REWARDS!!!

Lets get them together and stop them from sourcing from China forever!!!

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Since the information came out I have always wondered if contaminated treats contributed to my pup Jack's kidney failure and death. He was a senior dog but in very good health other than that. I threw away everything when I heard about the issue with imported food/treats from China and I'm a very careful label reader now for Bear and our newly adopted pup.

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we just put meat and cheese and avoid fabricated stuff
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