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But why can't I- have Rabbit- stew??
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 8:21pm PST 
Anyone feed this? We are trying to find a food to switch to that our dog store carries. We got a sample bag of Nutrisca chicken and chickpea formula. Our parson russell, who has stomach issues, seems to like it. Our toy fox terrier mix won't touch it. I'm willing to continue to try if it's a better food than Taste of the Wild or BG, which is two other foods our dog store carries. I believe they also carry Chicken Soup for the Soul food.

Pocket Wolf
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 8:36pm PST 
nutrisca is good food from an independent group. They don't have probiotics, but it is low glycemic index food. The only other one out there that is certified low glycemic index is merrick cowboy cookout canned. The company's goal is to make functional food for dogs. my dogs love the chicken flavor, but petco is the only place that carries the food right now. It's part of my rotation whenever it is on sale.

CSDLS is not grain free, and from Diamond. I would rather get taste of the wild from them.

I have just met- you and I LOVE- you!
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 8:53pm PST 
I think it's right around the same level as TOTW but it's a nice potato-free option for folks since it's made with chick peas. We got a sample when it first came out and my guys liked it. I'd feed it, but no one near me carries it. Anyways, it's a good buy quality-wise. If you are interested in TOTW you can contact them and they'll send you free samples so you can see how your picky eater likes it.


Spooky Mulder
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 8:58pm PST 
Just as a note to the people getting it from Petco-

The one here axed all of the Dogswell stuff for Innova. I saw several bags of Dogswell/Nutrisca on steep discount (I'm talking half+ off... the largest bag of Dogswell was $17!) when I went to get cat food.

Just a warning, they may not be carrying it for much longer.

How You Doin'?
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 10:34pm PST 
I saw Nutrisca canned food at Safeway today when I wandered down the pet aisle. Don't know if they had the kibble too.

Just throw the- ball!
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 10:39pm PST 
It is a very resonably priced grain-free food. I'm sure it would be good for dogs with allergies, too. I guess it would be easier than feeding raw! laugh out loud It also comes in a resealable bag, too! Overrall, good dog food.

Happy, Happy- Girl
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 11:20pm PST 
Yes, it is a very good food. It is grain free, too. I'm amazed that grocery stores would carry it!

But why can't I- have Rabbit- stew??
Barked: Wed Apr 27, '11 8:05am PST 
Our local dog food store Waggin Trains is fantastic. They carry all of the good foods and we fed Orijen for almost four years. But apparently they changed their formula and wanted to jack the price up to something my store wasn't willing to pay. Brinlee is allergic to corn. It gives her a bad stomachache and gas. The Orijen worked well for us, but we live to far away from any Petco or PetSmart so we only have a few choices. The Before Grain website didn't really thrill me so I narrowed my choices down to the Nutrisca and Taste of the Wild. I like what I hear about Nutrisca, just wanted to know what other people thought!

I'm huntin'- wabbits
Barked: Thu Apr 28, '11 7:15pm PST 
I'm feeding it now and Uno loves the taste, the only downside I noticed is that his coat is not as shiny as it is on other grain free foods, so I dont know if I'll buy it in the future since its kinda expensive and very hard to find.

Member Since
Barked: Wed Jun 19, '13 11:57am PST 
This food, Nutrisca, caused my dog severe intestinal problems. After the first time I gave him this food, He pooped ONLY BLOOD for 24 HOURS. After an almost $400.00 vet bill, my dog recovered. At this time I had not realized that this food was to blame. After two weeks of giving him can food that the vet had recommended I ran out and decided to give him the Nutrisca again. Well, to my surprise we would have a second episode of full and only BLOODY stools for another 24 hours. This food is poison. My dog lucky recovered a second time. This time with another vet bill of $80.00 for medications. My dog has had many many other kinds of dog brand foods from least expensive to expensive and never had any sort of reaction. Besides he has even consumed animals (ie: rat) in the yard and never had an issue. My dog is not one with a sensitive stomach. Shame on Nutrisca company, who after notifying assumed no responsibility. Horrible experience. Unless you want to run the chance of experiencing this possible situation with a huge expensive vet bill, I would stay away.
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