Cow Hooves

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Barked: Sun Aug 22, '10 8:06am PST 
Ok, so my sister thought she was being nice: she stopped off at PetSmart on the way over to my place and picked up some treats for my pups. The treats she picked up?

Cow hooves.

Now, I'm a country girl; I owned, rode and rodeoed horses. Our farm dogs always LIVED for the day the farrier came and he would scrub the hoof trimmings in hot water and toss them to the dogs, but this is half a cow hoof!

Sis says that her dogs (two husky mixes) love hooves, have been eating them for years, blah blah blah and my husband, who really doesn't mess with the dogs, told her it would be ok to give it to them. Trust now be the time he decides to start playing dog-dad, right? shrug I've been checking the pups' progress (and can take the hoof at any time without any fuss) and Dingo seems to be chewing it appropriately from the hoof wall down, not taking chunks, etc. Yoopie I'm a little more worried about, since he's got the I.G. scissor jaw and I don't want him breaking a tooth...

I wanted to get y'all's opinion:

Hoof, good or bad?

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Barked: Sun Aug 22, '10 8:11am PST 
Hoofs get bad once they get shaved down to a small size because they get to that stage where it's awkward to chew so the dog tries to swallow it whole, but I've never seen a dog split a hoof.

I think it'd be a good chew for a few days. But that's me.
Peter Parker

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Barked: Sun Aug 22, '10 8:13am PST 
personally, I would say pass on the cow hoof.
I know of 1 fellow Dogster that had 2 or their 3 dogs teeth chipped on a cow hoof and they had to have their teeth pulled on top of a big vet bill.
Peter fractured his tooth on a deer antler which I would think would be "softer" than a cow hoof. But, I hear of other dogs doing great with cow hooves with no probelms, so I don't know.dog


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Barked: Sun Aug 22, '10 6:06pm PST 
If I could get freshly trimmed hooves, I'd feed them. Dried cow hooves - I bought them once. Within fifteen minutes I had pitched them Moira's was shredding and both were just too hard.
Tucker John

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Barked: Sun Aug 22, '10 6:27pm PST 
Mine like hooves, never had a problem

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Barked: Mon Aug 23, '10 1:33pm PST 
All of ours have used these as regular chews. I do try to purchase the bigger ones, and I watch for any sharp edges, or slivers. So far Sen has done wonderfully with them with no issues, and I do take them away when they get too small.

She has both antler and cow hoof, and I almost prefer the cow hoof from the simple fact that she doesn't chew herself bloody. Sen is a HUGE chewer, and will chew on her antler until her gums are bleeding (can't wait until she's done being a puppy... only one more year to go!). With the cow hoof, as she slobbers on them, they soften up just like horse hooves which is nice.
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Barked: Mon Aug 23, '10 5:36pm PST 
Based on my experience I am gonna say bad.

The kind I would get from the store for .99 cents the dogs loved. I thought I was doing a good thing for their teeth and my wallet.

When I started brushing the doggie's teeth I was looking in the back of Bama's mouth and he had a very weird looking tooth. It had plaque and tartar built up so bad and the side of the tooth would even move. I checked the other side, and the same thing on the other side.
So, I checked Allee's and she had one that looked the same. Brodie's (the bulldog) was fine.

I had no idea what was wrong and took them to the vet. Turned out those teeth were fractured. It's called a slab fracture. The next to very back tooth. The vet asked me some questions and came to the conclusion since they would chew on hooves daily and for long periods of time he thinks that is how they broke the teeth. Brodie's bite is different him being a bulldog so that is probably why his didn't break.

I had to pay 600.00 to have them both put under and those teeth removed bc the pulp was exposed.

The vet said the dogs had to be in a lot of pain since the teeth had broken even though it's in dog's nature to hide their pain.
He told me in the future to not give anything that is that hard. I took up their hooves and haven't given them one since. The dogs seemed to miss and look for them for a few days....but then it was fine.
I think the dogs loved the hooves so much they were so obsessive w/chewing for long periods of time and chewing with those back teeth that is what led to the fracture.
Whereas I noticed w/their toys they will chew on one for awhile and then go to a different one.

Here is a pic of what the teeth looked like:
(top two pics)


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