Blue Buffalo vs. Nutro Ultra

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Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 9:34pm PST 
Yes, that was 3 years ago... but even today, Blue Buffalo WILDERNESS is still a much better food than Nutro Ultra.

First indication: Nutro Ultra has 50% carbs content per serving. BB Wilderness only has 38%.

Second indication: Nutro Ultra has 28% protein content per serving. BB Wilderness has 38%.

And then when you look at the ingredients, BB Wilderness is meat heavy, Nutro is grain heavy.

So yes, Nutro is definitely loads better than Purina. But Blue Buffalo Wilderness is better than Nutro Ultra. And that's the question we're trying to answer in this thread.

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Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 9:40pm PST 
I'm sorry I did go a bit off topic,I was not referring specifically to the Ultra formula. I don't remember which specific formula the vet had recommended for one Akita owner I know but his puppy had hives and diarrhea both from soybean oil in that formula of Nutro,and several other Akita owners have also told me about problems with Nutro and their Akita's within the past year,so although this post may be 3 years old,not all of the problems are.

Barked: Tue Apr 16, '13 11:11am PST 
I know this post is old now, but nutro is a VERY good food!!! I've fed it to my dogs for 3 yrs now! I did my research, then called my vet. Not only did she tell me that's what she feeds her own dog, but 2 other vets from my clinic and another one highly recommended nutro!!! Just fyi.

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Barked: Thu May 2, '13 9:33pm PST 
Last time I had any access to Nutro product info, they were supposed to be discontinuing the use of meniadone (synthetic vitamin K) in their Natural Choice and Ultra lines...but I haven't read their ingredients list in a few months...will go check this weekend.

Gotta read them ingredients labels, eh!

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Barked: Mon Mar 31, '14 4:10am PST 
Or until your dog stops eating it all of a sudden.
Their food it's co packed...
Ultra which is made by Mars
A company that has never had a dry food
Recall in 80 years and has the highest certified
Record of safety, the highest oils of all the premium
Dog foods around.
(Take the ultra challenge then decide!)
Ultra holistic.com
Pns Nutro nutritionist.

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Barked: Mon Mar 31, '14 4:20am PST 
Nutro no longer uses corn gluten in its dog food
And has never had a dry food recall in 80 years
Get your facts right...
Mars has made us stronger and ultra is the #one
Dog food in America!
We are the only co that is (certified) for the
Highest cleanest factory safety standards!
Pns Nutro nutritionist.
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