Pigs Ears

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Im just a little- guy
Barked: Mon May 17, '10 5:44pm PST 
Pig ears, the roasted nasty lookin things dogs love. The first time I gave my dog a pigs ear he did not want it. I was surprised cause most dogs love em.

Maybe it was the brand. He likes the pig ears that come from Tractor supply. Those are US made and wrapped in plastic. Fresher and bigger than most I have seen.

I have always heard pigs ears are bad for dogs. If a bull's junk o.k then why is a pig ear a bad treat?

My dog gets them occasionally and they are cheaper than bully sticks.
Jasmine Lula

Sweet Girl
Barked: Mon May 17, '10 5:51pm PST 
I feed my dogs pigs ears here and there, never had an issue.
I also give them rawhides, bully sticks, merrick chews and such... never an issue.

I think it becomes an issue when your dog swallows it whole or doesnt chew it properly.

Just like human junk food, pigs ears and such should be fed in moderation is all... imo.

Time for a nap
Barked: Tue May 18, '10 5:15am PST 
Pig ears have sharp edges and can injure the dog's digestive tract. Rawhide has been known to swell up and block the digestive tract for some dogs. As an experiment, take a rawhide and put it in a glass container and fill it with water and see what happens..... For about $1 a piece I can get Bully Sticks from bestbullysticks.com and don't have to worry abut rushing my dog off to the vet with a $1,000 fee for surgery to remove a blockage.....

Danger of Rawhide

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Kitsune- Trouble

Divide and- cuddle!!
Barked: Tue May 18, '10 8:34am PST 
Have you ever tried raw pigs ears? I can get them here at our local grocery store and Kit loves them. They are fresh and not processed or dried, so not sharp at all. I don't think they are any grosser than the dried ears. I keep them in the freezer until I'm ready to give Kit one. He loves them frozen, or sometimes I'll stick them in the fridge overnight to thaw them out.

Kit takes about an hour or so to eat one. So they probably don't last as long as the dried ones (I don't know for sure because I've never given Kit one of the dried ones), but I feed raw and for some reason it takes him much longer to eat a pig ear than it usually takes him to eat even his bone meals.
Chloe,- KPA-CTP

Clearance Puppy - The best of them- all.
Barked: Tue May 18, '10 8:37am PST 
Smokey, Pig ears and Rawhides are two different things.

I was looking on a website that said Pig ears, Raw hides, Bully sticks and anything else that can be dried from an animal is dangerous. I think it's all about moderation and supervision.

I have 4 pig ears that were naturally dried outside on a window sil in a bag at home.. I really don't know what to do with them, I haven't seen if Chloe want's them or not but they are huge and hard. I'm sure they are fine, but same as anything. Supervision.

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Im just a little- guy
Barked: Tue May 18, '10 12:25pm PST 
I have never tried a raw pigs ear. Does not sound like a bad idea.

However my dog takes a long time to chew on a pigs ear. Most of time Milton does not chew on his pig ear right away. It will lie on the floor un-touched until my dog want's it. He also does not chew it all up at once. A fresh raw pigs ear would likely go bad before my dog finishes it.

He's a slow tedious chewer.

If you buy raw pigs ears, if you dry them out your self, how do you do it. Can the result be left out longer so my dog can chew it on his leisure?

Time for a nap
Barked: Tue May 18, '10 1:54pm PST 

I am aware of the fact that Pig's ears and rawhides are too different things. thinking The point my post was trying to make, is that they both are things to avoid if you value your dogs health.

As far as raw pigs ears, what would worry me is the bacteria that they would harbor...

Safety of Pig Ears

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Shooter Wilson

Barked: Tue May 18, '10 2:30pm PST 
pig ears don't soften like bully sticks do. i had a friend who's
husky ate a pig ear and was pooping pig ear shards and blood
for 2 days afterwards. i'm personally not a fan of them- i do
feed FRESH pig ears as chews, though...

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Barked: Tue May 18, '10 6:15pm PST 
Mikey gets a dried pigs ear every other night after his dinner and he's never had any problem with them.
Except for the other night he got the runs from one, but after a year, that's the only time one has caused anything.