Does your dog like water on their kibble?

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Ginger- M.I.A.

my first and- finest
Barked: Mon Mar 8, '10 9:13am PST 
I always put hot water on Ginger's food and let it sit for a minute and get mooshy. It made it smellier too. She wouldn't eat kibble dry unless she was starving.

I thought (since she was my first dog) that all dogs would prefer their kibble warm and wet. Boy, was I wrong! I gave Bruno dry food, he eats it right up. I put warm water on it, he takes a lick and walks away! He must like the crunchy texture.

What do your dogs like better? I know some folks have to wet the food because their dog won't drink enough water, but if it was up to the dog, which would they choose?

I'm a trilingual- dog!
Barked: Mon Mar 8, '10 9:50am PST 
Hey Ginger wave

When the dogs here used to be on Orijen/Acana, Lilith would not touch dry kibble with a 10 foot pole. She would rather starve.

Luna would eat it if she was hungry enough.. Lantis would not care one way or the other.

Course, after we learned it was better to water it down especially with the high-protein kibble, we always watered it down and added Nupro, and it would mostly be eaten. Lilith was always picky about kibble no matter what.
Tanuk CGC

Sherpa Tanuk of- Everest
Barked: Mon Mar 8, '10 10:05am PST 
Like you I had been adding water to Tanuk's food to hydrate him, but also make it more tempting. He only became pickier and pickier. Stupid mommy finally realized it was the water! Now he just gets it dry and we haven't had any problems. laugh out loud


pet me
Barked: Mon Mar 8, '10 11:35am PST 
Neither of my dogs care either way...wet or dry. Lilly used to be very picky though so that is why I originally started putting warm water on hers. Now I wet hers because she has a history of uti/kidney infections and she doesn't drink enough. Blaze does drink plenty of water, but I figured since I soak one's food I might as well soak both of their food.

~~~Like a- butterfly in the- wind~~~
Barked: Mon Mar 8, '10 1:13pm PST 
Nabi loves her kibble dry. When she was a pup, she would only eat it while it was mushy. These days she will maybe eat it dry, but she still likes it wet better. Because of the LONG picky trial with Nabi as a pup, we tend to just stick with what she likes so we won't have any issues anymore....wet kibble mushed with wet food. laugh out loud

So yes, Nabi gives water on kibble paws up!
Kaya- 1996-2011

Too cute for my- own good!
Barked: Mon Mar 8, '10 1:48pm PST 
Kaya isn't a big fan of kibble either wet or dry (I don't blame her, it looks gross!) but if she was feeling particularly hungry I think she would choose the wet kibble, as long as it had not been sitting for too long.
The little skinny butt has been becoming a worse and worse eater into her old age, I think she finally realized that she has been eating that gritty yucky kibble for a baker's dozen of years and she deserves real food! Yesterday she had to suffer through the smell of ribs in the slow cooker all day long, poor thing. She got some at the end though so it was all good! snoopy
I don't think she's even eaten her breakfast yet today...

Benjamin Button- of dogs
Barked: Mon Mar 8, '10 2:01pm PST 
haha I have no way of telling as he will inhale anything I put in front of him.

Barked: Mon Mar 8, '10 3:10pm PST 
Yeah, she does. We measure out the kibble, cover it with water, mix in a little wet food, and then microwave it for ~15 seconds. And she still likes to let it sit for a while and get even softer before she eats it. Yeah, she's got us trained.

who are you- calling a prissy- pants?
Barked: Mon Mar 8, '10 4:04pm PST 
Crystal still has itty bitty baby teeth and has a hard time crunching hard kibble. She likes it the best if I run hot water over the kibble then immediately drain it, so that the kibble is moistened but not mushy. She won't eat it once it starts getting really mushy.
Stella Agnes- CGC/TDI

CGC, Therapy- Dog. My velcro- girl!
Barked: Mon Mar 8, '10 4:42pm PST 
My dogs will eat it either way, but since I know that a couple of them don't drink enough water on their own, I add it to the kibble along with some can food. But if I just put dry in their bowl, as I sometimes do, they will eat it just fine.
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