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Farlekiin the- Dragonborn
Barked: Mon Nov 18, '13 5:28pm PST 
Zombie, this is not the raw feeding area of the forum, so here you are going to see many people who feed kibble who have happy, healthy dogs that are at a fine weight. I choose to raw feed but I respect other people's decisions to feed whatever they feed, without making generalizations that all kibble is evil and horrible. We all want what is best for our dogs and we all do what we can. If you'd like to talk more about raw feeding, I'd suggest hanging out in the raw forum.

Barked: Tue Nov 19, '13 5:48pm PST 
Guest - in reference to your thoughts on glucosamine in puppy food:

First, These supplements do not work in the way that you see to think that they do. They do not harden joints and bones, rather they provide a cushion for the cartilage.
Second, the amounts of these supplements in any dog food, puppy food included, are usually not in amounts high enough to have any therapeutic effect.
Third, I know many people with large breed puppies who supplement regularily with joint supplements with no ill effects or growth problems in their dogs/puppies.

Member Since
Barked: Mon Nov 25, '13 9:54pm PST 
So i have a 7 month old Great Pyrenees who currently weighs about 80lbs. I am interested in switching him to Orijin Large Breed Puppy, but they do not have an Adult formula that is Large Breed specific... so will i need to switch brands? I know it says all life stages but i still cant help but wonder if this food will be appropriate for him as an adult. Very confused and frustrated, ive been compairing it to the analysis of other large breed dog food and opinions of other dog owners and i am very lost....

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