Will adult food hurt puppies and vise versa?

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Barked: Thu Feb 25, '10 1:04am PST 
I just want to know if feeding puppy food to my 4 year old pit bull will hurt her or if feeding adult food to my 4 month old lab will hurt him? I only can afford to buy one type of dog food so which type would be better for the two of them....puppy food or adult food?!?

The Wise Cracker
Barked: Thu Feb 25, '10 1:46am PST 
Get an appropriate All Life Stages food.

Canidae ALS
Nature's Variety Prairie
Wellness Super 5 Mix

...and so on

Cutie Pie
Barked: Thu Feb 25, '10 4:46am PST 
I am about to start feeding Natural balance to my older dog- my puppy eats it - allergy free but it is for both puppies and adults


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Barked: Thu Feb 25, '10 7:25am PST 
To answer your question:
Puppy food will not HURT your adult dog. However, it is often higher in fat and can lead to obesity if fed to an adult dog over an extended period of time. You would have to decrease how much you fed your adult dog to make up the caloric difference.

Adult food will not HURT your puppy. However, puppy foods are formulated to meet the needs of a growing puppy, and they may not get all of their preferred nutritional benefits from eating an adult food.

The guide dog school I raise for puts all of our puppies (labs, goldens, etc) on adult food at the age of 4 months, and they do just fine, so maybe it really doesn't make that much of a difference.

My personal recommendation to you would also be to get an all life stages food. These foods are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of all dogs, whether they are growing puppies, athletic adults, or aging seniors.

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Barked: Thu Feb 25, '10 7:32am PST 
I agree with the All Life Stages until the puppy is an adult. If you check out the regulations on what makes an All Life Stages pet food sufficent it states that it would need to be appropriate for a growing puppy. Hence All Life Stages dog food is ultimately puppy food.
I like the brands listed so go with the All life Stages and then just switch to an adult food when puppy is adult smile. Good question!

Barked: Thu Feb 25, '10 11:11pm PST 
Thank you all so much for your imput it answered my question perfectly the only problem is i live in japan on an air force base so my recources are limited but thats okay i can order it from the internet and just keep feeding them kibbles in bits for now! thank you!

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Barked: Sun Feb 28, '10 12:25pm PST 
I have fed Daddy food for puppies due to an increased fat and calorie content, because he has problems keeping weight on. We took him to a vet and ruled out any medical issues, he just has an insane metabolism. Now I just buy high calorie adult foods, but I wish they had slightly higher fat contents like the puppy foods do.