For those of you who feed dried chicken breast strip treats!

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an oodle of fun!
Barked: Thu Nov 19, '09 9:25am PST 
Trader Joe's now makes dried chicken breast dog treats and they are made in the USA!!!

The bag they come in isn't huge but affordable.

Now only if I could get them to made dried sweet potato treats thinking
Jessica CGC

Will work for- food
Barked: Thu Nov 19, '09 12:17pm PST 
Thanks Jasper I love to give these to my dogs! You can dehydrate sweet potatoes yourself if you wanted! If you cut them in slices (like big coin shaped and thickness) and put them in the oven under 200 degrees F for all day long just about, they aren't too bad. Sometimes they turn to tire rubber though so you might want to experimentblue dog
Yogi "Owen"

Fun, Food, and- the Pursuit of- Squirrels.
Barked: Thu Nov 19, '09 6:28pm PST 
I had my first dried sweet potato yesterday, and my oh my. It was a treat! It was a whole sweet potato and actually took me a little while to chew through. Mom says it's good for me, too, but bla bla bla. It was yummie anyway. wink She ordered a bag from online.


Is today agility- day??
Barked: Thu Nov 19, '09 6:36pm PST 
Thank you Jasper! I'll have to look for those...of course I just got a month's supply in the mail yesterday so I'm stocked up for a while. This could save me on shipping charges to get something made in the USA.
Barney,- friend of- Lennox

Bad to the Bone
Barked: Thu Nov 19, '09 10:06pm PST 
You know, there have been a few moments when Cindy regretted leaving California for Hawaii, and I think this is one of them.

She said she's going to Trader Joe's next trip to California and she promised us these goodies! Yay for posting about them.

Benjamin Button- of dogs
Barked: Thu Nov 19, '09 10:24pm PST 
awesome jasper. I have a trader joes 3 miles away so i'm going to go check it out. I already am a fan of their VERY affordable and good quality canned cat food so hopefully their chicken strips will be a good product.

an oodle of fun!
Barked: Fri Nov 20, '09 3:37pm PST 
big grin

Always happy to share a great deal when I find it- boy living in the USA you would think finding products made in the USA would be easy...confused. Well, that is a topic for a economics forum I guess laugh out loud.

I might try the sweet potatoes in the oven recipe- thanks!
Peter Parker

King Peter- Parker
Barked: Sat Nov 21, '09 3:11pm PST 
Thanks Jasper! We love buying Made In The U.S.A. products!blue dog