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Barked: Thu Jul 16, '09 7:03am PST 
Do you feed the same amount of the same food to large breed dogs even if their frames are different? I see dog food is usually labled just for large breed dogs or small breed dogs, but there are different types of large breeds. Some are more lean and some are just, well, beefy....like a rottweiler.

The reason I ask is because I have 2 mix breed large dogs. One is on the "beefy" side, not fat, that's just his build. The other is still a puppy, but he looks like he'll be of a lighter frame. I was just curious.

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Over 50 pounds is considered large breed whether it is Lily's lean frame or my son's yellow Lab's heavier one. Personally, I have trouble seeing a dog as large before 65 pounds, but that's just me.

Large breed food is not a necessity in adult dogs.

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You feed what the dog needs. Check the ribs weekly and adjust the feed accordingly. Don't pay any attention to the bag's direction or the size of the dog. A 50 pound athlete of a dog could possibly eat twice the food a 100 pound couch potato needs. Two identical dogs could need vastly different amounts of food.


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I agree with Sassy. Every dog is different and they all need a different amount of food. Two dogs of the same size might need different amounts: one 2 cups and the other 3 or 4. It all depends really.

Vladimir is a large breed (35 inches at the shoulder and nearly 100 pounds) and he requires about 4-5 cups on average but will eat more if he's really hungry.....if I let him he would eat the whole bag in one go. He has a very high metabolism, he can out eat anything and still stay nice and lean. laugh out loudlaugh out loud People always say, "hey, you need to feed your dog, he's so skiiiiinny...yuck" and I just shake my head and laugh, "If you only knew...."

I know some people who have dogs about the same size as him that only eat 2 cups and others 5 or something.

Usually when bags say "Large breed food" or "small breed food" they are talking about the size of the biscuit size and of course the nutritional ratios and what not within them.

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Whoops, I didn't answer the question. I feed to the weight, not the body type. Then adjust for the metabolism or activity level. Lily needs more calories a lot of 50 pound dogs. It has to be her metabolism. She isn't that active.
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The way I see it, the bag is just a guideline.

According to some bags and cans, Chance and Cinnamon should be getting the same amount of food. But, when I tried feeding them the same amount... Cinnamon got horribly overweight and Chance got underweight. So, I subtracted from Cinnamon and added to Chance and they were just fine.

Another interesting fact: according to most commercial brands (by this I mean store brands like Iams and Purina) Sakura, Sandy and Precious should be eating the same amount of food. Precious is only 6 lbs, Sandy is 14 lbs and Sakura is 15 or 16. I can see where Sakura and Sandy might... but Precious? Seriously? laugh out loud

As for a lean dog still being considered large, like another poster said, supposedly any breed over 50 lbs is large. So, yes, he would be considered large.