Ostrich Liver

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♥ Princess ♥

One-eyed Wonder- Dog
Barked: Sat May 2, '09 10:36am PST 
Daddy bought me dried ostrich liver (made in Canada by Barking Mad) and Mommy says they look weird.

Has anyone else tried this stuff? Any problems that anyone knows of?

I love them but Mommy can't get past the "texture" of themshrug

Faithful Angel
Barked: Sat May 2, '09 3:58pm PST 
I used dried ostrich liver a long time ago as an agility training treat, the dogs loved it. I've never had any problems with it. Let us know how you like it!

Is your breed- next? Ban BSL.
Barked: Sat May 2, '09 4:41pm PST 
Eww! Ostrich liver? I'm not saying it's bad, but it's against my morals to give my dog ostrich... Ostriches are cool...

♥ Princess ♥

One-eyed Wonder- Dog
Barked: Sat May 2, '09 4:50pm PST 
laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud They are at that!

But, they are the latest "in" meat in fine restaurants....so why not give the liver to use well-deserving pups!way to go

Barked: Sat May 2, '09 8:46pm PST 
Barkley loves liver but I've never tried ostrich before....thinking

Proud to be a- kitchen wolf!!!
Barked: Sun May 3, '09 12:15am PST 
Mmmmm..... Ostrich is the best! Pigs and cows are "cool" too, but we still eat them ....

We've had the "Barking Mad" liver treats a bunch. The chips are relatively thick and really hard and crunchy, right? If so, that's how they're supposed to be. YUMMMM... I guess if they've gotten exposed to humidity and/or heat they might get kinda weird, in which case I'd steer clear. If they smell "off" definitely don't feed them. If you bought them like that, simply return them.
♥ Princess ♥

One-eyed Wonder- Dog
Barked: Sun May 3, '09 4:46am PST 
Nope Meridian, they are hard and crunchy like peanut brittle....so they are supposed to be that way? laugh out loudlaugh out loud Who knew!laugh out loudlaugh out loud

I like that they are Canadian made and all natural etc... but they just seemed different from other dried liversshrug Maybe cause they ARE natural!big laugh