Feeding a samoyed puppy

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Ok, so I realize I'm jumping the gun because I'm quite a while away from getting this puppy, but I was curious what a reasonably priced food would be?

Also, would I feed an all life stages formula, or would I stick to a puppy formula?

I know that Eagle Pack large breed puppy is the only puppy formula I've seen recommended for large breed puppies.

Are there any others?

I know I have to be careful about how much calcium is in the food, because you don't want the puppy's bones to grow too quickly.

I also want a good food that's going to help enhance coat.

Is green cow tripe a good supplement for large puppies, or does it have too many calories?

I know. Tons of questions. Better to ask then not to know, though!

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You can feed a puppy food or an ALS. It's up to you. Tripe is a great add-in for any dog.way to go


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Stinky hates eating dry kibble... I know... I made him that way. But i put green tripe in his kibble and he LOVE LOVE LOVES it. I think it's his favorite mixer to date wink

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Congratulations on choosing the best breed IMHO in the entire world!! What does your breeder recommend feeding? Many years ago when we got our first samoyed our breeder sent us home with a huge binder on samoyed care and a 10 page contract!!! shock We got Kiska @ 10 weeks of age as per our breeder.
Our breeder had recommended a quality kibble based diet with canned. I agree with Sedona, an ALS dogfood is fine and I would recommend adding some canned. Best wishes.

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applause Not to embarrass you, but good for you to be going on forums and stuff BEFORE you get your dog! I wish more people would do that. No need to be bashful -- you're awesome for that.

So, like the others said, you can feed a "puppy" formula of dry food, or an "all life stages" formulation. There's also the possibility of not feeding something out of a bag or can at all, but that's up to you. (You can visit us on the "raw food" or "homecooked" forums here on Dogster if you want more info on other ways to feed your dog.)

"Puppy" food became a necessity when commercial dog foods took a turn for the worse quality-wise, historically. Puppies don't actually have that different a requirement for the food that delivers them nutrients than adult dogs do, they just need a lot more of it pound for pound and they don't necessarily get the nutrients the same way out of the food you feed them vs. an adult dog.

The foods we feed dogs in kibble form don't deliver the essentials in the same way that a more "natural" diet would, either, therefore the big differences in "life stages" when it comes to commercial dog food. Foods that offer a puppy formula probably do so for a reason, but that doesn't by any means make them "better" than a company that makes an "ALS" forumla -- quite the opposite in fact.

One thing that is widely debated is whether you should feed a puppy a "rotation" style diet or not. A "rotation" diet is the idea of feeding several (at least three) different commercial foods from bag to bag and protein type to protein type to expose your pup to many different protein sources (i.e. lamb, chicken, fish, beef) as they can be exposed to. You can stick with the same brand (Nature's Variety, Innova, and Nature's Logic are brands that offer differnt proteins) or switch brands completely. (It's harder for the person to get used to that idea!). Some say you should let a pup "get used" to one food to avoid tummy upset. This is largely based on some common dog-food myths out there.

You're right to be concerned about the calcium levels of the food you're going to feed -- too high calcium can contribute to too-fast bone growth which isn't good for any dog -- including a Sammy. Samoyeds aren't really considered a "large breed" dog, but proper nutrient levels for ANY dog is important. Some kibbles out there are manufactured with that in mind, others aren't. Choosing a good food is important!

Tripe is good stuff. For SURE. Have you ever smelled green tripe? It's icky, but dogs LOVE it. And it's good food. It's one totally self-LESS act you can perform just to see your dog happy. It's super healthy for them, too. If you want to feed some green tripe with a diet of mostly a good kibble, that's great. You can get it fresh (if you're lucky -- or maybe not lucky), canned, frozen,or freeze dried. Maybe you'll feed it as part of a home-cooked, raw, or commercial wet-food diet. All are pretty great ways to feed a dog, each comes with it's own "thing". I wouldn't worry about the calorie content so much, but on top of a balanced diet tripe should be a "sometimes" thing, for sure.

Welcome to Dogster! We'd love to see your dog once you get him/her on a Dogster page. If you have any more questions please ask! Feel free to p-mail (like e-mail, but the "pup" version here on Dogster) if you have any questions about anything I said. It's pretty late in my neck of the woods and I'm going to bed tonight but I hope that was sensical!


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Wow! Thanks for the excellent posts. The breeders I've talked to pretty much stick to a RAW or BARF diet, but that sort of scares me! I know, I know. Lots of people do it successfully, but it's a bit intimidating.

Honestly, I haven't picked a breeder yet. I've just settled on the breed! This weekend I did take a trip to visit a local Samoyed kennel, and OH MY GOODNESS! I wanted to take the litter home! And yes, before you ask, they show/title/health test/offer a guarantee, etc

I know I'm biased, but I've never seen such cute puppies in my life time! Too bad that stage doesn't last long! Pretty soon you've got a 70 lb Sammie on your hands!

And I agree- of all the breeds I've looked for, they've got what I want more then any other breed. Except for that hair!

I think I'd feel better sicking with a commercial diet, as long as I trust what is in the ingredient list.

Sedona- Thanks so much for the information. I actually read the previous threads on doggie nutrition, and learned some stuff! That's surprising, because I've really researched dog foods, or so I thought!

(Family pets in kibble???? OMG! BARFshock )

I'm glad most people agree with the tripe. Yes, it smells terrible, and looks worse! But, it's a great way for dogs to get plant matter, which otherwise they'd have a hard time digesting.

As for the calcium, since I'll be getting a male puppy in a breed that can reach 70 lbs, I want to be very, very careful. Some Sammie lines grow very quickly, and others are slow burners.

My fear with the all life stages formulas is that they won't have enough nutrients, and that I'll have to supplement with a doggie vitamin. I'm already planning to feed fish oil as part of the diet.

I have other questions that I'm going to post, too! But, this one is long enough!!!!