Low-fat diet, treats, and chews to prevent pancreatitis

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Basil Bee- Trouble

"Basil Bee- Trouble- says....."
Barked: Fri Nov 7, '08 4:26pm PST 
Hi All,
My little Basil (1 year) is a mini schnauzer and came down with pancreatitis! It is likely from a reaction to an antibiotic she took, but her breed is prone to this as well. Furthermore, I never feed her any table scraps or human food, or even fatty doggie treats.

To prevent this in the future, or if she does have chronic pancreatitis as she ages, anyone out there recommend an organic/holistic, dry kibble with low fat content?

Also, no more rawhide for her (for other hazard reasons too). I heard that bully sticks are low in fat, although my vet disagrees. Anyone try ostrich tendon or other chew product that is natural, safe, no additives/chemicals, and low in fat?

Thanks much!
Mai and Basil

Spay or neuter!!
Barked: Fri Nov 7, '08 7:23pm PST 
Hi Basil!

Jenna is on the Royal Canin low fat prescription food for her chronic pancreatitis. I wouldn’t say it would be my first choice in foods for a healthier dog but Jenna seems to be doing very well on it and that is what’s important. I’m sure if she were young and healthy like Basil, I’d be chomping at the bit to try her on “better” foods.

Anyway, I wanted to suggest carrots for a snack. The vet recommended them for Jenna (who loves to eat) along with green beans.

Good luck and I’ll be interested to hear what you learn.

The Wise Cracker
Barked: Fri Nov 7, '08 8:02pm PST 
California Natural Low Fat. They have a chicken based one and a lamb based one.

The Science Diet formula you'd put him on would be i/d. Here's the breakdown of important nutrient levels.

Crude Protein 22.0% (min)
Crude Fat 9.0% (min)

The CN LF is:
Protein 21% (min)
Crude Fat 7% (min) 9% (max)

They also make treats.

California Natural HealthBar:
Protein 20% (min)
Crude Fat 8% (min)


The Wise Cracker
Barked: Fri Nov 7, '08 8:16pm PST 
Oh yeah...I forgot about bullysticks.

Merrick Bullysticks:
Crude Protein - 79%
Crude Fat - 1.3%

RedBarn Bullysticks:
Crude Protien - 80%
Crude Fat - 1%

That's about the same. All bullysticks are made from the same part of the cow so all of them are 1-2% fat.

I'd consider that low in fat. Wouldn't you? I'd ask the vet why he thinks they are high in fat. Maybe he knows something these guaranteed analysis aren't telling us.

Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 9:49am PST 
Before you go too crazy trying to find all low fat sources, make sure you get a full panel that outlines which enzymes were elevated.

Also make sure there isn't an underlying infection. Keep in mind that pancreatitis itself is a broad diagnosis that technically means inflammation of the pancreas.

There are some pancreatic disorders that are better on a moderate protein, moderate fat, lower carbohydrate diet.

If it becomes a chronic problem, try feeding several small meals a day rather than one or two large meals.

Spay or neuter!!
Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 4:29pm PST 
I had actually been thinking about trying bully sticks but I'm scared. Jenna has chronic pancreatitis and I'm just not sure if they're safe for her.

I do wish we had a nice chew treat she could have ... a few minutes of everyone being occupied on a chewie would be heaven.